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Scientists in China say that they have discovered reptile fossils dating back over 150 million years ago

May 27, 2015

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Researchers in China say they have discovered the fossils of a new type of flying reptile that lived more than 160 million years ago and it provides the first clear evidence of a controversial idea called Modular Evolution.

The twenty new fossils found in northeastern China show similarities to both the primitive and more advanced flying reptiles and date back to the time when flying reptiles flourished between 65 and 220 million years ago.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The discovery of the fossils of the supposed missing link in the family of the flying reptiles actually proves the Bible as it relates to the prophecies for the last days.

Once again, scientists rush to the media world with information about a supposed link in the evolutionary chain, this time with the latest research on the ancient creature, a flying reptile. The report coming out of China is that a discovery of twenty new fossils of a flying reptile, that is a combination of both the primitive and more advanced flying reptiles, is actually what they call the "missing link". These new found fossils set a date for this flying reptile at between 65 and 220 million years ago.

This latest report from the scientific world is evidence that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled even today. The Apostle Peter in his last writing, II Peter 3, wrote that in the last days, there would be those that deny God had created the world as recorded in Genesis 1. The Genesis 1 account says that God created the heavens, the earth and all that in them is in six 24 hour days not over millions of years, that is if you take the Bible literally.

God told Moses in Exodus 20:9-11 that He created the heavens, the earth and everything in them in six 24 hour days, again that is if you take the Bible literally. We must take the Bible literally or how can we believe what it says about Jesus, His death and resurrection and our salvation.

Supposed scientific fact that contradicts the Bible is indeed evidence that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.



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