May 22, 2018

The world needs to know the truth behind the Nakba Day conflict at Israel's border and the Gaza Strip

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JD:  How can you update us on this border situation?

IM: There are two things, first of all, the masses of people who were sent there were sent there by Hamas, literally to be killed. These were the words of a Senior Palestinian Authority leader and he appeared on Palestinian television, criticizing Hamas, saying, "Why are you sending people out just so  you can come to the world and say you are heroes, you are sending them out to be killed." And the person saying this is one of the top Palestinian leaders, and advisor to Mahmoud Abbas.

So first of all, motivation, Hamas knows that they can't conquer Israel so they want to delegitimize Israel so they are sending people out, literally, to be killed so that Hamas can then go and run to the world and say "oh my, look Israelis are killing all of our people". Now the second thing that is important to note is that Israel has been very careful about using it's fire power; with tens of thousands of people trying to breach the fence between the two areas, there could have been many more killed and Israel killed 61 people, that Hamas has already admitted that 50 of them were actually Hamas members, meaning they were terrorist. And Islamic jihad said three of their people were killed, so we know of at least 53 of the 61 that were killed were Hamas terrorist or Islamic jihad terrorist. So its telling us that Israel is actually being very very careful and its Hamas and their terrorist who are trying to breach it and who are  trying to shoot and who are trying to set bombs; these are the people who are responsible and these are the people who are getting killed.