August 18, 2020

China is preparing for a war with the United States

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JD: Well let's get to the issues Ken that you can develop for us and help us to understand what they may mean on the world scene today. There's word coming out of China, Beijing that the military experts are urging the leadership of China to prepare for war with the United States. Is this simply a preliminary hype or is it really that close?

KT: Well I don't know whether it's that close. But what I can tell you for sure is that you have now an increasingly large contra of officers in the people's libration army who are writing articles on strategy. This is something they do with strategic intent. In other words when they write in their military journals about war with the United States what they are really doing is giving us an inside glimpse to the people's liberation army and they debate these ideas. People think in China there's no debate. There's plenty of debate inside the people's liberation army. You have different strategist saying well we should do this or we should do that or the United States is doing this. 

Now what they are doing is they are saying the United States is preparing for war against China and we must therefore prepare for war with the United States actively. And they are concerned because the United States has once again started to fly B1 bombers to the island of Guam. So just this past week the Chinese had a live firing exercise over a huge portion of the South China Sea off China's coast basically as a warning to the United States which had just conducted an exercise with the carrier Ronald Reagan and a couple of warships from Japan. 

So yes things are heating up and now you have these theorist of the people's liberation army publicly debating exactly how they will defeat the United States. Because that's one thing they all agree on that their goal has to be to defeat the United States.

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details behind the story that China is preparing for a war with the United States.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken's report mentions the two major super powers in our world today, China and the United States. However only one of those super powers is mentioned in Bible prophecy and that would be China which is found as a part of the kings of the east there in Revelation 16:12. Since America is not in Bible prophecy only sanctified speculation would allow me to predict a United States China war. However, I am absolute that China is one of the major players in Bible prophecy, again Revelation 16:12.