November 09, 2012

Christians in America are searching for answers as a result of the outcome of the recent presidential elections

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The votes have been cast and counted, the results are in, and President Obama has been reelected to serve as the leader of the free world and the US for another four years. Even the conservative political pundits were wrong in their predictions that Mitt Romney would be the next President of the US and now they are trying to figure out what went wrong.

In addition, there are those who are not only questioning what happened, but also concerned with a leadership in America that has a world view and a political philosophy contrary to theirs and, in their opinion, contrary to a biblical philosophy of governing a people in a nation.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

God put human government in place to direct human kind in its daily lifestyle but also to reveal the end of times scenario that will result in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

For the last several years, we have been bombarded with political advertisements that have endeavored to persuade each of us how to cast our vote for one of the candidates for each of those political slots opened and needing to be filled. The presidential elections were the main focus of the media and those irritating political announcements. Now, with the votes cast and counted, the results are in to the pleasure of some and the dismay of others. President Obama has been reelected.

As Christians, many of us have questions as to how it happened. Mitt Romney lost and Barack Obama won. I am not going to analyze the results, but I do want to remind each of us of the biblical response that we must have as we look into the future. God instituted human government, Genesis 9:6. God has used human government down through history and will continue to do so today and into the future, Revelation 17:17. Every world leader will make decisions that will help to set the stage for God's prophetic plan to be fulfilled. We can rest in the Lord, He is still in charge, Romans 13:1.

Political leaders will indeed help set the stage for prophetic passages in God's Word to be fulfilled.