November 05, 2019

With Israel and the United States in a crisis politically, the Middle East peace process is actually dead in the water

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JD: Jared Kushner brings the peace agreement that he is hoping will go into place between the Israeli’s and the Palestinians that one that has been written up and planned by his father in law President Trump. He had a meeting with Gantz and with Netanyahu and said fellows let’s get together and form a government. Do you think that’s going to encourage them at all?

DD: It’s just too complicated Jimmy for anybody to come in and push the parties together. Again the only thing that really can do that is a shared national emergency where both leaders can overcome their rather large egos and the differences they have and join together. Certainly the United States through Kushner is pushing that line is important but I don’t think it’s enough to overcome the problems. And at any rate as we talked about last week the peace process is pretty well dead in the water.

We’ve had other action this week with the Palestinian’s and other areas that I won’t detail right now. But there’s a continuing war going on not peace. The Palestinian Authority is shattered it doesn’t have a strong leadership under Abbas. There’s really no reason to think that a peace process right now could really succeed. The partners in it, Jordan, the Peace Treaty weakening strongly. There were more developments there this week. Just no reason to think that’s going to succeed. But him coming shows there’s still an interest in the White House to get this going. But again the US is also at a polygon right now so that’s the situation.

JD: David Dolan explaining why the Trump Middle East Peace Plan is dead in the water at this time.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

As I stated there is a crisis politically both in Israel where the political leaders cannot form a government and in the United States where President Trump is under a threat of impeachment. Jared Kushner has come to Israel in order to try to get the two sides in the Israel political crisis to come together. Jared Kushner’s attempt to get the two sides in the Israeli political crisis to come together is not a real prospect. On the other hand no one knows the outcome of the Trump impeachment process as well. Therefore a peace plan in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not realistic at this time. However there will be peace when Jesus comes back. And in fact there will be a short term peace when the Antichrist confirms the three peace treaties that are already on the table and not working. This prospect is absolute as foretold in Daniel 9:27. In fact this prophecy could be fulfilled possibly very soon.