May 14, 2018

It’s Israel’s 70th Birthday and history is made as the US Embassy is moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

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JD: Jim Jr. our oldest son is located at the new United States Embassy which has been moved into Jerusalem on this very historic and prophetic day. We go to Jerusalem now. Jim, you’re able to see the Embassy from where you’re located there in Jerusalem is that correct?

JJ: Yes, what a great unbelievable day. It was so great to see Benjamin Netanyahu give his speech and especially thanking President Trump for everything that he’s done to move the Embassy to Jerusalem.

JD: And then last February when the President announced he would do that on the 70th Birthday of the State of Israel. High security I would imagine Jim as this has taken place today.

JJ: As a matter of fact the neighborhood where the new Embassy is located was evacuated but they’re all very happy. We talked to a couple of them and they’re very happy that the Embassy has been moved to Jerusalem.

Prime Minister Netanyahu his speech that he gave when he sat there he said, these are the fields that I use to play in when my brother and I, Yonatan when they were six and three years of age they use to play in these fields and it is a historic moment that the Embassy has been moved to these very fields that they played in as little kids.

The government and the people of Israel are very thankful that now a once divided capital is because of that move of the Embassy to Jerusalem has made it the undisputed capital of the Jewish people.

JD: As Prime Minister Netanyahu said in his speech of dedication I thought it was very interesting he referred it in fact is sounded like a sermon that someone was preaching. He referred to Abraham who brought Isaac to Jerusalem and then King David. II Samuel chapter 5, God gave King David Jerusalem as the political capital of the Jewish people. So, it was a very important historic day but had great prophetic significance as well, don’t you believe Jim?  

JJ: You know the amazing thing was to see everyone in tears, everyone that was here excited about it. Scripture not only from Christian leaders and the United States that were here, Jewish leaders that are here in the country and from the United States everyone sounded like they were all on the same page and in accordance together.

JD: Well and in fact thus is like a page out of Bible prophecy as well when you realize how significant Jerusalem will be in the end times.

JJ: It is interesting. This is an indication that we are living in the end times.

JD: Yes Bible prophecy is fulfilled in particular as you focus on the city of Jerusalem. Jim thank you so very much for giving us an on the site report from the new US Embassy located there in Jerusalem its significance politically and prophetically.  

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.