October 31, 2019

There is a concern about whether human beings can control autonomous weapons

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JD: What about the fact, can we not control these weapons?

BM: Well it depends upon how it’s designed. You know the idea of autonomous weapons without a human loop or interface is something that we don’t allow by law in the United States. But I will tell you autonomous weapons becoming just as common as the kalashnikov. In other words you see AK-47s and kalashnikov on every battlefield of the world today in which there is at least 55 that I am aware of. And they’re going to be replaced by the drones and cruise missiles, things that crawl upon the ground that don’t look like human beings because they aren’t but they have a certain amount of artificial intelligence.

Now if we design these things so that they can learn and they fight on there own. In other words they’re truly autonomous robotic forces. What we would call centaur war fighting could emerge and that’s something we’re concerned about. It’s what we’re looking at beyond this where we’re talking about technological similarity which is basically the human intelligence which is being taken over by an entity that does not have DNA; it’s not human and it starts to create itself. I know, we’re not there. But we’re rapidly moving in the direction in which artificially intelligent beings are becoming incredible capable.

Now we need AI to do mundane things. What we don’t need AI to do is to recreate itself over and over again so that its IQ can grow to 5,000 where as most humans are in the hundred range. So these things can do that if we permit it and that’s why this whole idea of super computing and nano technology is so significant today.

JD: Colonel Bob Maginnis from the Pentagon explaining how the military must use autonomous weapons.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Bob Maginnis in his book Future Wars reveals to the United States how the military will fight future wars. The question has surfaced as to how soldiers may or may not be able to control AI weapons. Only time and research will answer these questions. What we do know for sure is that there will be future wars that is a direct statement from Jesus Christ in his Olivet Discourse found in Matthew 24. Verse 6 says that there will be wars and rumors of wars. In verse 7 Jesus says nations shall rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom. This actually is true in our world today and even more so as we look into the future. This is tangible evidence that we are living in the last days.

October 30, 2019

The Israeli-Jordanian Peace Treaty is about to come apart

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JD: It’s the 25th Anniversary of the Peace Agreement signed between Jordan and Israel back in October of 1994. The Jordanian’s are saying it’s cold and getting colder. Does that mean it could possibly come apart and what’s causing that?

DD: Well Jimmy you remember that from the very beginning the Muslim brotherhood which is a major force opposed the Peace Treaty from the get-go. They’re watching the instability all around. The Jordanians are very very concerned that there might be an attack from Iraq; an Iranian attack upon the Jordanian government too trying to take out all the moderate pro American governments in the region. The Saudi’s and Israeli’s also included. So they’re looking at that right now. They’re not very happy with the lack of progress on the ground, the Jordanians. And King Abdullah is again challenged immensely by these other forces all around him. War to the North and war to the East, potential war to the West and Israel and potential war to the South in Saudi Arabia. He’s right in the middle of all of that.

So just so many reasons that the Jordanians are not again looking towards peace but are looking towards possibly the break up of the peace process. They’ve complained a lot about Israeli actions. They haven’t like the fact that more Jews are praying on the Temple Mount. Record numbers in fact in the past year. They are supposedly in control of the lock there the Muslim Authority there. They don’t like what they’re seeing on the ground there. They don’t like Netanyahu’s declaration earlier this year that he would annex most of Judea and Samaria and all Jewish communities and none would be abandoned. They don’t like that at all so there’s a lot of straights on the peace process for sure.

JD: David Dolan with the details on the Israeli-Jordanian Peace Treaty about to come apart.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

I was at the signing of the Israeli-Jordanian Peace Treaty on October 26, 1994. I witnessed Yitzhak Rabin Prime Minister of Israel and King Hussein of Jordan as they signed the Peace Treaty. It was the third Peace Treaty that Israel had signed with its enemies.

In 1979 the Camp David Accord a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt was signed. In September of 1993 the Oslo Accords were signed a peace treaty between the Israeli’s and the Palestinians. These three peace treaties have never been normalized which is actually setting the stage for the Antichrist to come on the scene to confirm these treaties. He’s not going to sign a treaty but the Bible tells us He will confirm these three peace treaties that are not working, that’s Daniel 9:27, the Antichrist confirming not signing the peace treaty.

October 29, 2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin is moving to take over the Middle East

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JD: It was a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Tayyip Erdogan there in Russia. And the President of Russia caused Erdogan President of Turkey to say “ok I’ll stand down, I’ll shut down this operation against the Kurds”. Now do you think that’s going to be a long-term situation or could Turkey actually break that cease-fire in the very near future?

KT: Well Jimmy I think Erdogan is likely to respect this cease-fire because Vladimir Putin who brokered the deal does not have to answer to an opposition, he does not have to answer to the media. And clearly the Russians are on their way back into the Middle East. This has been Putin’s strategy since 2015 when he first deployed troops and his air force into Syria. So this meeting in Sochi where Erdogan agreed to a second cease bar I think is strategically important. Now we see the two of them coming together. So I think this is a very very important development. You’re going to have Turkish troops with Russian troops side by side in Syria and the Iranians not far away.

JD: Well it looks like Russia, Turkey and Syria they’re somewhat on the same page. How long do you think that can happen?

KT: That’s what we’re going to see in the coming weeks is this Turkish incursion and their cooperation with the Russians and the Syrians moving back. Now this is also a side of this that doesn’t get a lot of discussion. There will be Syrian troops there now for the first time since 2012. The Kurds have agreed to that because they don’t want Turkey to come in. I think the Turks are going to stay there as long as they possibly can. And they told us they’re going to try to ethnically cleanness those areas and bring in Syrian-Arab Muslims to replace the Kurdish population that has fled.

JD: Ken Timmerman revealing how Russia’s Vladimir Putin is positioning himself to take political control of the Middle East.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken’s report was an update on where Russia and Middle Eastern leaders are aligning themselves in that key region of the world the Middle East. Take a moment to notice who the players are. Syria, Turkey, Iran, the Kurds and Russia. All of these players are mentioned in Bible prophecy. These are names that can be found in Ezekiel 38, Daniel 11, Psalm 83 and Jeremiah 51. These Middle Eastern nations aligning themselves under the leadership of Russia. That alignment was foretold over 2,500 years ago. This political alignment is quickly moving to the prophetic scenario for the last days.