July 02, 2020

A nation cannot destroy it's history and continue to exist

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JD: Sam do we not have to know history in order to be able to as a country, as an individual move into the future?

SR: Well we do and I think clearly when our founders came as an example they weren't more perfect but they came to a new land. They came as the pilgrims did as missionaries to a new land that they could raise their children in the fear of God. One thing led to another and ultimately we had a generation who had a fear of God and who went to the word of God and said we have a new nation, what can we do that can end up with God's blessing? Well they studied history. They studied the civilizations of the world. And they went to God's word and they looked at how God dealt with His own nation of Israel and what God said to them. If you want to be blessed of me as a nation then do my commands, follow my statues and implement my moral law and the purposes for the government and the home and the church.

As He laid out in Deuteronomy 30, you do these things, you do what I say you choose life. I will give you prosperity. I will make you secure from your enemies. I will bless your families. You will have those things that every person or most people want. But if you turn your back on those things and you think you have a better way and you replace my law with your thoughts and you replace my justice with your thoughts of justice then I will turn that blessing to judgement and your security will go to bondage. And your justice will go to injustice and instead of choosing life God says you will choose death. It's simple but our founders understood it. If there's anything that we as church leaders and people in America who love freedom the best thing that we can do is look back at the pages of Scripture and reacquaint ourselves with those principles that our founders identified that God has laid out.

JD: Sam Rohrer helping us to realize that the history of any nation must be remembered and built upon in order to continue into the future.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

As we ponder what Sam explained to us about remembering our history in order to continue into the future it really made since that was because Sam based his thoughts on the pages of the word of God the Bible. You know the Bible is a book of history but it is also a book of prophecy as well. We study the past along side the prophetic so that we can understand God's plan for today and tomorrow.