September 14, 2017

Russia and the European Union are setting the stage for two super powers in the End Times

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JD: Would you not agree with me Rob that the European Union is at least the infrastructure for the revived Roman Empire?

RC: Oh, absolutely! If you look at the area’s that it covers right now and it’s member states the goals as the founders stated for it, it’s exactly is duplicating. It’s really a fulfillment of what has been term for over 1,000 years. The European dream that’s the dream of the United Europe reforming the Roman Empires and we are seeing that today being pressed ahead rapidly.
JD: And of course that scenario that end times scenario is talking about two super powers at the very beginning of the tribulation period. One of them will be the revived Roman Empire and then the coalition of nations that will be lead by Russia to attack the Jewish State of Israel. Now with that in mind there is real concern in the Ukraine Rob, the possibility that Russia could then invade the Ukraine.

RC: Yes, Russia is planning some major military exercises. Now, one of the things is Russia is indirectly helping the rebels against the current year Ukrainian government. So, there seeing this as maybe this will be the excuse and Russia will move across and occupy Ukraine. Russian’s think of the Ukraine as part of Russia. If we look at as you’ve mentioned that final coalition that I think will initiate start the tribulation is that Ukraine is very important to it and so therefore they have reason to fear. It’s very hard to say what Putin will do. So, it might not be such a bad time to try and come and regain more land of the Ukraine by Russia.

JD: Rob Congdon with the details for our news headline today.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

As Rob reported today there are two political operations in our world that want to become super powers here at what look like the end times as called for in Bible prophecy. These two powers would be the European Union and Russia. Biblical prophecy foretells of these two super powers. One such power is the revived Roman Empire which seems to be coming together as foretold in Daniel 7:7,8, 23, and 24. The infrastructure for that revived Roman Empire being the European Union. The other super power will be the Russian lead coalition of Middle Eastern nations as foretold in Ezekiel 38. This alignment of nations preparing to destroy the Jewish state of Israel. Current events are at this time setting up for both of these prophetic scenarios to be fulfilled.