April 19, 2019

Christians are on the front lines in the cultural wars here in America and around the world

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JD: You know we don’t often use the term cultural wars which I did in the introduction and we don’t use that term on this program but we’re actually discussing this issue almost each and every week. And David I have to believe that that the conflict continues to intensify.

DJ: I would agree with you and as we observe each week as you and I keep our eyes on the headlines of what are coming out and try and to do cutting edge work on topics that are breaking almost each and every week. What we see is that the attack on Christianity in general Biblical truth is something that is happening not only here in the United States but worldwide.

In some places it takes the form of direct persecution of Christians in very anti-Christian environment such as North Korea, China, Iran and other places like Northern India for example where Christians are daily under threat for their very lives simply because they name the name of Jesus. But in other places for example here in the West it may not take that form of absolute persecution in terms of physical harm. There is certainly a social and cultural component to that where the word of God comes under attack daily. 

Also, Christians who believe that the Bible is the word of God as you and I and most of our listeners do we fall under mocking and various forms of even discrimination and being marginalized by the culture. And now it is rising to the level of entering into even the laws that are being put into place in places like the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Western Europe where Christian values are really coming under scrutiny and many of the things that we believe are slowly but surly becoming illegal.

JD: David James Bible in hand with details about Christians on the front line in the cultural wars here in America and around the world.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

David’s report on the battle lines that have been drawn for the cultural wars here in America for Christians are real. David’s report echoes what the Apostle Paul wrote to young Timothy in II Timothy chapter 3. That list located in that passage gives us the issues that we Christians must deal with on the battle lines. The Apostle Paul says that the Bible is the main defense in these wars, that’s II Timothy 3:16. All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is prophet-able. In II Timothy chapter 4 Paul exalts us to fight the fight, preach the word when it’s convenient and when it’s not convenient in the days of the soon coming of Jesus Christ.  

April 18, 2019

Scientist have taken a photograph of a "Black-hole" which is actually in another galaxy

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JD: Don last night as I was walking, you’ve introduced me to a brand new hobby that’s stargazing. I was walking and looking up at the stars and the moon and then I remembered what I had read earlier in the day the black hole that they now have a photograph of is larger than our entire galaxy the Milky Way. That is an awesome thought and its unbelievable we now have this photo is it not?

DD: Well yes, you know the idea of black holes have been around for a long time. It’s very difficult to verify but in recent days and with the photographs strong evidence for such things.

JD: What is actually, can you give us a simple persons definition of a black hole?

DD: Well certainly a black hole is an object in space with extremely high gravity. One way we think you can form though is to have a star which collapses upon itself and kind of refs up the gravity in its vicinity. So as far as we can tell what they are is the end of a star. They’re really dead collapsed stars.

JD: What is the potential for the scientist for you as an astronomer to be able to learn from this information?

DD: Well it certainly shows us Jimmy that gravity this invisible force it holds us on the ground, it protects us. It’s universal it’s everywhere even out there in other galaxies and the edge. It’s a universe. There’s unity the way God put it together. Further more these black holes I think are just a good indication of endless variety in creation along with those objects there are bizarre stars, there are red giants and white dwarfs just endless creativity that God has put out there. And maybe also the bottom line since these black holes are collapsed stars it’s a good reminder to us that creation is over with. We don’t have new creation going on instead there’s a run down there’s a gradual wearing down wearing away of our current physical universe.

JD: Dr. Don DeYoung with information about black holes and how they are connected to God and his creation and actually what makes a black hole.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dr. DeYoung’s report gave us insight into the creation week of Genesis chapter 1 and how with four words and the stars also God brought billions and billions of stars into existence even black holes. According to Psalm chapter 19 the stars including the black holes show us the glory of the Lord. What is thrilling to me is this same creator is in charge of the future as well.