July 17, 2019

Leaders of the European Union want the European Union to be a "superstate"

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JD: The European Union moving toward a superstate.

JR: Jimmy it’s interesting because we spoke and discussed superstate then we see news coming out that the EU is a sham democracy towards a European superstate. The people that have been brought forth to fulfill the top positions. All four top positions are going to Federalist. These are the people that want a stronger political core for the European Union. European Council is comprised of the heads of state. But why is it that the heads of state change but the inward motion towards a superstate is relentless and never changes. We’ve seen a spirit of Political Union in Europe and Central Europe for not just hundreds of years but the last few thousand years we see the progression of world empire.

There’s a spirit behind this unification of Europe because we have the Bible telling us that there will be an eventual 10 nation confederation in the place of the ancient Roman Empire that will be power center of the antichrist. The Political Union is a failed prospect right now with 28 nations in the European Union. But it’s not a failed project if you make the number less and we know that that number will eventually be 10.

JD: John Rood with the details on how the European Union leadership wants the European Union to be a superstate.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The desire of the political leaders of Europe want to make a superstate out of the European Union today. That superstate is exactly what the ancient Jewish prophets wrote would be the scenario at the end of times. Daniel wrote how that would happen he wrote that in Daniel chapters 2 & 7. Daniel 7:7 speaks of the Old Roman Empire becoming the Revived Roman Empire. Verse 8 of Daniel 7 says that the little horn out of the 10 horns would be the leader of the Revived Roman Empire. That little horn is one of 27 names found in the scripture for the antichrist. Revelation 7:12 says that the beast, the antichrist will empower the Revived Roman Empire.

The stage is set for these prophecies the superstate to be fulfilled.