March 22, 2018

Stephen Hawking has passed away, he was a brilliant man but did not have wisdom

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JD: Stephen Hawking he has gone into eternity, which concerns me because of some of the things he had to say. However, he was a very unique person was he not?

DD: Well yes Jimmy, the science world is mourning the loss of Stephen Hawking.

JD: He over came many physical problems to actually accomplish a very interesting life and career.

DD: Stephen Hawking was very popular among the scientist and really the late population. He was also a popularizer of science. The specialty of Stephen Hawking involved black holes, collapsed stars.  He did incredible theoretical work with those black holes and even though he was fully incapacitated he was able to manipulate equations in his mind and come up with new ideas. One of the ones that he’s known for is the conclusion that black holes which again are collapsed stars do not stay that way forever but sooner or later they give off radiation and they disintegrate and just kind of turn back into gas apparently if time would permit. So, he kind of pushed the frontier of our knowledge of really the run down of the universe especially black hole theory.

JD: Bottom line Don, would you agree that most likely everything he reported on was simply a theory not absolute scientific proof and in fact he made some decisions based upon faith on how everything came about?

DD: Well he certainly did and that was his conclusion he said that the idea of heaven the idea of God was, he said those were fairytales for those who were afraid of the dark. In his own mind he was a brave man marching foreword but he turned away from the whole spiritual side of life. It’s a case where his intellect was thinking and his surroundings just kind of you know over came the deeper things of life. I must say he has knowledge far beyond what we have today but to know Gods word and his book gives us some wisdom that Stephen Hawking's sadly did not possess.

JD: Dr. Don DeYoung with a look at the life of the brilliant scientist Stephen Hawking.

We repot this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

A mind with knowledge but lacking wisdom will face a Christ less eternity. The so called knowledge of Stephen Hawking and his reports on this knowledge must all be attributed to the faith that he had in the so called truth of his scientific philosophy. We also must except by faith Gods account for creation and the universe but remember we have a more sure word, that word of God the Bible and that’s found in II Peter chapter 1.