May 16, 2017

Even as Jewish children are taught about a Jewish Temple, the Israeli government is discouraging the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem

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JD: You have a great interest in the Temple and the Temple Mount in the city of Jerusalem was a number of years ago that you first went up on to the Temple Mount. Has the Bible been a key component in that interest in the advancement of a program and preparations to build a Temple in Jerusalem?

WM: Jimmy, I was taught at a very young age in the yeshiva, which is a religious seminary. In every generation in which you do not work for the Temple Mount it is if it is again destroyed. That mind set I think was instilled in me very early in my teenage years and coming to Israel in 1970 I have always been involved in it and that of course gives me motivation to continue the work.

JD: What about the government what is their interest? Do they have any interest in rebuilding that Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem or do they shy away from that?

WM: I would have to say they shy away. It’s always been the attitude the various governments of Israel these past 4 decades and we don’t need another line in the sand between us and the Arabs. They continue to restrict any sort of Jewish identity with the site.

These past 2 or 3 years have seen an outpouring from the ground of archeological discovery of things that prove what we know was written and what existed at the time. And I think this also motivates people to understand what the Temple Mount means and should be in the Jewish scene.

JD: Winkie Medad a report on his interest in rebuilding the Temple even as the Israeli government discourages the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

God’s word calls for a Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Zechariah 1:16 says that the Messiah will come to Jerusalem to build a Temple, that’s Zechariah 6:12 & 13 where the Lord says he will build that Temple to rule and reign in forever.

As you may know there is no Jewish Temple in Jerusalem today. There are going to be 2 Jewish Temples in the future. The Kingdom Temple described in Ezekiel chapters 40-46 and built by the Messiah when he returns to Jerusalem. But before that Temple there will be a Tribulation Temple. A sudo Temple for the antichrist, that’s Daniel 9:27, Matthew 24:15, and II Thessalonians 2:4. All the preparations have been made for that Temple to be rebuilt with or without the Israeli governments permission. Soon there will be a Temple in Jerusalem one that will be there forever.