June 24, 2015

Many Americans expect Jesus to return to earth by 2050

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In the latest Pew Research Center survey, 41% of the Americans polled believe that Jesus Christ will return to the earth in the next 40 years and 46% of those polled said that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ will probably or definitely not happen. The poll suggests that 58% of evangelicals believe that Jesus will return by 2050 and respondents with no college education were 3 times as likely as those with a college degree to expect the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in the next 40 years.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

According to the latest survey many Americans expect Jesus Christ to return to the earth within the next 40 years which is confirmed by Bible prophecy.

The latest Pew Research Center poll indicates a large number of Americans believe that Jesus Christ is coming back to earth and that it could happen within the next 40 years. If the numbers in the survey results are correct, that means millions of Americans do believe what Jesus had to say before He left the earth almost 2000 years ago - that was that He would return.

Though this survey is not a vote on whether Jesus will return or not, those who believe that He will are in alignment with what Bible prophecy says except that it may be sooner than 2050. In fact, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ could happen in just 7 years because the second coming scenario found in Bible prophecy reveals that a 7 year time of judgment will precede the Lord's return to earth. That 7 years, the Tribulation period, will be recognized by events foretold by the ancient Jewish prophets. For example, the Jews will return to their homeland, Middle Eastern nations will align themselves against Israel, while at the same time there will be an effort to bring about peace in the Middle East, and talk and preparations to build a temple in Jerusalem will also be very prevalent (Ezekiel 37 - 46).

The next event is the Rapture when Jesus Christ calls all Christians into heaven before worldwide judgment breaks out and that could happen today because Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.