September 13, 2017

North Korea is not only a nuclear threat but they now may have technology that could destroy all of America’s electronic equipment, as well

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JD: North Korea and that threat there in North Korea does not seem to be going away does it?

BM: No it doesn’t Jimmy. You know we’ve had here recently last Sunday the sixth nuclear test. This one was by far the largest perhaps a hundred thousand kiloton weapon or equivalent to it. They brag that it was a hydrogen bomb which if were true and if especially if it’s a two stage weapon that they argue then it’s quite possible that they have a capability in excess of what has been speculated up until now.

JD: Talk to me about another threat from North Korea and as it relates to the emp bomb threat. Now explain to people what an emp attack is. How would it take place? Is North Korea capable of attacking us that way?

BM: You know the lighter question is harder to answer but they are very close I would argue. It’s an electro magnetic pulse attack. Any time you have a nuclear explosion especially if it were above in the atmosphere somewhere between 19 and 62 miles in the atmosphere. Perhaps where a satellite would be and they do have a satellite up there. If it were to go off it would destroy a lot of the electrical grid and electronics below it. It would be a giant bloom and depending upon the size of the weapon perhaps as much as 1,000 miles in diameter.

What of course would happen as a result when it destroys the infrastructure is that it would create chaos on the ground. Because we wouldn’t have water we wouldn’t have none of our electronic ways of communications would work. So, it would be a very devastating blow but it wouldn’t kill necessarily a lot of people from the explosion itself. So, that’s kind of a bird eyes view but it’s a very dangerous prospect.

JD: Colonel Bob Maginnis at the Pentagon with this very important report.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Bob’s report reveals a very bad scenario for the future. First, the destruction of America’s electrical grid and then all of our electronic devices like cell phones and computers. An emp attack would not necessarily take out many lives however, without our electrical grid many deaths would follow.

Since America is not mentioned in Bible prophecy this may well be what happens to the United States. Remember the rapture of the church will take place before this North Korean emp attack which could be very close.