December 11, 2019

Scientists say that they have discovered the largest "black hole" that has ever been found.

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JD: First of all what is a black hole that is there in outer space I know? And then is it basically the largest ever?

DD: Black holes Jimmy are collapsed stars kind of the end of a star when they run out of fuel they collapse and shrink inward. They’re still very mysterious. You really can’t do physics inside a black hole because we cannot see it. The idea is gravity becomes so strong around these objects that even light cannot escape or any other kind of signal. The idea is that they have detected larger black holes than they though could exist which really shows how little we know about them.

JD: The scientist that recently died that was confined to a wheelchair?

DD: Stephen Hawking

JD: Yes, that was one of his favorite subjects. He didn’t really know much about them even as smart as he was did he?

DD: Well that was interesting with Dr. Hawking as his body deteriorated he had a gifted mind. He did much theoretical work on black holes. Now he was not a Godly man. He turned his back on the Creator as best as we know. But yes he had great insight into the mechanism of black holes but still a lot that he didn’t know either.

JD: You know they said in this article that I read and sent along to you that this black hole that we’re referring to it was so large 40 billion times of the mass of the sun. I can hardly imagine that.

DD: Well yes it is beyond imagination. It does appear Jimmy that there are many black holes in the Milky way and in other galaxies. There seems to be a large black hole in the center of lots of galaxies, in the Milk way and others. But then you also have more remote single black holes where you have collapsed stars on a smaller level. So you have the large ones in a galaxy that’s where you run into millions or billions of solar masses and then the smaller ones. In fact Stephen Hawkings even suggested there were tiny black holes he called them mini black holes that could even come zooming through the solar systems now and then and do strange things and lead to ufo stories. There’s just a lot of traditions to black holes.

JD: Don DeYoung with the amazing details on the largest black hole ever discovered.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dr. Don DeYoung’s report on the largest black hole ever found is an amazing report that really shouts out the glory of the Lord. Psalm 19 says that the Heavens declare the glory of the Lord. With four words and the stars also the Lord brought the stars to our Heavens and into all the Heavens of the one hundred billion galaxies in our universe. With that power the Lord is capable of revealing the future as well. Our Lord is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega.