November 14, 2018

President Macron of France is pushing for a European Union army to replace NATO

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JD: I am reading that he is pushing for a true European Union army. Now what does he mean by a true European army?

JR: This is a big topic. Of course the European Union depends on the US and NATO for its defense. The three star generals meet for NATO one day of the week and then they meet for the EU army another day of the week. The European Union wants to go ahead and form an army because ultimately the European Union and the trends that we are observing here they’re leaning towards a complete political union.

A military union necessitates being part of a political union so we’re coming from a non-democratic system. We’ve presented the open borders, free movements of people, capital services and goods, monetary union, now military union for the ultimate goal of political union; that’s what’s happening. 

There’s been talk about a joint intervention force or a rapid reaction force but a true European army would be separate. And there’s really great concerns here because this would be something that would be in competition with NATO. Can the European Union pull that off? The chances are it would be very difficult. This is actually part of the essential element that leads towards political union and this is more the reasoning behind such a move because they’re wishing to go to political union.

JD: John Rood with the details behind French President Macron pushing for the European Union to establish their own military operation.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The European Union is made up of a number of member states in an economic political union. Many believe that this union is at least the infrastructure for the revived Roman Empire. However, there is one element that is missing and that would be a military operation, an army. The United States and the European Union are in a debate on how NATO fits the European need for a military. Thus the French President is leading the way to set a European Union army in place.

Daniel chapter 7 reveals that the revived Roman Empire will come into place at the beginning of the tribulation period, that’s Daniel 7:23 & 24. And the revived Roman Empire will be one of the major powers in the world during the seven year tribulation period which of course leads up to the return of Jesus Christ.