June 16, 2020

The Iranian's say they have nuclear weapons of mass destruction even as the Iranian military masses its forces at Israel's Northern border

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JD: Iran has its forces of mass there at the Israeli Northern border. What can you tell us?

DD: Well continuing signs that Iran is preparing for aggression Jimmy as you just said. We talked a few weeks ago about some Israeli reports that Iran might be pulling its forces out of Syria. That is not happening and in fact there's significant movement going on. All of this coming admits new threats from Iranian leaders against both Israel and the US specifically the Foreign Ministry spokesman saying that the US is not welcomed in the region. He used the phrase from the current racial crisis in America that Washington's knee is on our neck and it has to kneel in front of us and it will kneel down in front of Iran and be defeated by Iran. Meanwhile we continue to have that Iranian nuclear program humming again and the Israeli's are very concerned about that from what Iran could potentially do in a major war with its allies. They're very much on alert for that.

JD: There are reports they're about to breakout with a nuclear weapon of sublime. So that caused the Prime Minister Netanyahu to say Israel will not allow Iran to gain a nuclear weapon of mass destruction. Now he's serious about that isn't he?

DD: Well he's been serious about that for many years. There's been several incidents before this or times when not just Netanyahu, previous Israeli Prime Ministers have said similar things as well. It's a tiny little country and just one or two non conventional warheads could be devastating to the small state of Israel. So they simply cannot allow an aggressive country, a much larger country. And of course has built up this network of allies over the years all around Israel and heavily heavily armed now Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad they just can't permit destruction of Israel they won't allow it. But they're aware that Iran is moving very fast towards having a nuclear bomb Jimmy. It's just the reality. The UN is admitting that now and others so they may have to do something about that.

JD: David Dolan with the details on the Iranians who now have nuclear weapons of mass destruction according to their recent announcement and the Iranian military forces massed at Israel's Northern border.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dave's report, his Middle East news update is evidence that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled in the near future. I'm referring to Ezekiel 38:5 where Persia is mentioned as modern day Iran and also Psalm 83:4. With the actors in place the curtain must go up for this end time drama to be played out.