March 16, 2020

Political parties in Israel may break up which could help form an Israeli coalition government

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JD: Actually can you give us the latest on the elections? As of today what's going on?

WM: Well Jimmy for those who are our veterans and faithful listeners they know that you and I have discussed many times the possibility that it would be a break up in some of the parties. We are beginning to see the beginning of that. At the present moment 3 members of Knesset, 2 from the Blue & White faction and one from the United Democratic faction who have indicated that they are not willing to go along with a minority government that is bolstered up or supported from the outside by the Arab joint list. If this holds Jimmy, even if they don't completely vote their parties and go over to the Likud which of course would be the next stage. That dashes Benny Gantz's chances of even setting up a minority government.

JD: But Winkie does that allow him to be any closer to forming a coalition. Are they leaning towards coming to Likud and becoming a part of that 61 members of Knesset they need to select a Prime Minister?

WM: I'd have to say no at the moment that you and I are talking. And I want to make it clear to the listeners so they understand the background of this crisis of political inability to get a coalition set up. The Blue & White party as everyday goes on. I'm now linking up what I just said a few moments ago Jimmy. Netanyahu is being seen to be a magnificent leader in times of crisis. What's happing is that he is greatly increasing his chances of pulling over people onto his side or threatening Blue & White. But if they go to elections again they have no chance. He will completely to use the phrase I once used in America, wipe the floor with them because the people again are very impressed.

JD: Winkie Medad explaining how Israel may form a coalition government by the political parties breaking up and then being able to form a government after the third try in 3 elections.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Winkie was able to explain how the people of Israel may be able to form a government. It's not going to be by party partnership but instead by people leaving their political parties and moving ahead on principal. An Israeli state without a government is opening a door for Israel's enemies to enter that vacuum to fill it with terror attacks that could destroy the Jewish state. God's plan of human government is the way into the future. It's God's way into the future.