February 13, 2020

Senator Mitt Romney said that he is a religious man, but he never said that he was a Christian

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JD: As you and I would believe that Jesus Christ the son of the true God, the Biblical God is the one we must put our trust in after we admit we're sinners and need a Savior. And Jesus Christ accomplished that on the cross when He was crucified, buried and then resurrected from the dead.

ED: Well that's not what Mitt Romney believes or any believing Mormon. I mean they believe that Jesus Christ is the literal brother of Lucifer. And that the council of God's prior to peopling this earth had a big vote and Jesus was elected to be our Savior by a vote. Of course Lucifer got angry and a third of all the children of God in this planet when its rebellion and they are bad devils and demons who come to harass the good people.

But he believes in his godhood. Jesus came to earth according to Mormonism when He died He didn't die to save our sins He suffered for our sins in Gethsemane the Mormons teach in order to allow us to be obedient to the Mormon god and the Mormon Church. They're Jesus gives us resurrection so that we can be judged for our works and if our works are better than our sins then we get to go to one of three degrees of glory. The highest of course is the celestial kingdom where Mitt plans on becoming a god and giving this many god his life. I truly believe that Mitt took this position to vote against the President of the United States, to be making a push to change his from being a republican to a democrat or to an independent and actually hoping that he'll be put in place to save the nation in this election. I think he's running for President right now.

JD: Ed Decker explaining why Senator Romney is not a Christian and made his vote as he did in the Trump impeachment trial and it's because he wants to be President.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ed's report is based upon in-depth research on Mormonism. Ed understands the interest in the government of America and its leadership by Mormon people. It's because he knows that the Mormons believe that one day a Mormon political leader will save the United States from total destruction and lead America into the future. That is not a truly Biblical scenario that is found in Bible prophecy. In the future it will be God's plan and His will that will come about, that's Revelation 17:17. And that is the prophecy that will be fulfilled in the future.