March 22, 2017

Russia already has a major presence in the Middle East, and they want to expand that presence

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JD: Russia is always in the news and now as it connects to the Middle East they have to report that an elite commando military operation from Russia landed on the Egyptian and the Libyan border; looks like they’re focusing on Libya. What do we know about that?

KT: Putin has taken a very bad hand in the Middle East and he’s played it brilliantly. He understood during the Presidency of Obama that the United States was not going to be present; we were going to withdraw from the Middle East. We fomented a civil war in Libya and then just said goodbye; ruled by ISIS, by al-Qaeda, by other radical fundamentalist terror groups, no central government, vastly reduced oil exports, and an economy in tatters that’s what you have today.

JD: Talk to me about this situation now Russia going into Libya now it looks like they’ve moved into western Africa there in Libya. The possibility of Islamic state going into northern Africa is that going to change the move by Russia and or Iran to try to take northern Africa or is there going to be a battle between these terroristic organizations?

KT: Well it’s interesting that you mentioned Iran and Libya because they were certain in Libya at the time of Benghazi they were directly involved in the attacks. The interests have already been served there; their interest was to create chaos. The Russian’s are working a bit in Libya as you say but I don’t see them going to Somalia and going to those other countries unless the United States with the coalition of allies determines to bomb strategic targets of ISIS, I think they’re going to be on a role.

JD: Ken Timmerman with this report about Russia wanting to expand their presence in the Middle East.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Over the last couple of years Russia has moved to have a major presents in the Middle East.  The Russian’s have been in Syria propping up Bashar Assad as he continues his civil war against the radical Islamist who want to take him down and Russia supposedly is fighting Islamic state at the same time.

President Vladimir Putin has developed a Russian military presence throughout the entire Middle East making deals with Egypt and Jordan to supply nuclear power to these two nations. Now the Russian’s have deployed an elite commando unit to the Egyptian- Libyan border with the possibility of moving on into all of Africa.

These political activities fit a prophetic scenario that is found in Bible prophecy that would be Ezekiel chapter 38 & Daniel chapter 11. The stage is being set for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.