January 14, 2021

With media reports of new stars being observed, is God still creating stars

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JD: We received an email question he says, "if God finished His creative work on day 6 of creation why are stars still being formed?" What would you say to this listener to the broadcast?

DD: So the though is are stars being created today. First of all when God creates it's from nothing. It's supernatural. God spoke the universe into existence He said let there be light and there it was. That kind of thing is not happening anywhere today. This universe was made and is complete and it has kind of been coasting ever since the week of creation. 

Now the second thought when it comes to these stars gravity pulls stars together. Our sun is a sphere of gas but gravity keeps it from dissipating. In space we do see vast gas clouds, we call them nebulae. In some cases perhaps some parts of these gas clouds are collapsing to form new stars. This is not creation because the material is already there. Now at the same time gas clouds are large. We do not see any new stars popping into existence or turning on. But what we do see is stars in great variety. So to actually form a new star would take much more time than we have available. So its a little bit misleading when the news says we see new stars forming. No, we really just see stars in all the different forms that God made.

JD: There's an interesting phrase pertaining to a particular star. That phrase is the bright and morning star. It's used throughout the Bible. Can you explain that term?

DD: Well yes, I think that term the bright morning star is a picture. It's really a symbol of the Lord Jesus. 

JD: I'm reminded of Revelation 22:16 where Jesus said I am the bright and morning star. That's pertaining to the future. 

DD: Well certainly. You know God is light, that's one good description and its interesting Jimmy even to think about the future day and the new Jerusalem. It says there will be no need of the sun because the light of the Lord will give light. That bright morning star will be there and will have heavenly light.

JD: Don DeYoung responding to the question is God still creating new stars.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Don had a great answer to our listener, is God still creating new stars? I especially enjoyed Don's response to my question about the bright and morning star which of course is referring to Jesus Christ there in Revelation 22:16.