October 19, 2018

There are prophecy conferences that may be dangerous to your Biblical understanding of God's plan for the future

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JD: Do you think having a mixture of good and bad prophecy teachers at a conference like this presents any problems for those who are there in attendance?

DJ: Well I think it does. Since prophecy is not taught that much in the local churches a lot of people who go to these different prophecy conferences they’re not well taught and they don’t know how to handle the word of God accurately. In many cases if you have a situation where you have a very good prophecy teacher followed or proceeded by a bad one or a sensationalist somebody who is off the wall in their understanding and get off into speculation for one thing it comes across as a tasked endorsement and I think the average person may not be able to figure out how to sort it out. And they would assume naturally that a lot of these men are all on the same page and would be in agreement.

When you get on stage with someone that you don’t agree with you have really one of two choices. You either contradict them which introduces confusion into the audience or you agree to not talk about things that you disagree with them on and that actually gives credence to the false teaching that they may be receiving. And I know that you’ve been a prophecy teacher in many large conferences over the years and I know that you are being much more careful in the invitations that you accept.

JD: Would you agree that one reason why prophecy conferences like this are regaining popularity is because of the lack of sound teaching on prophecy in our churches today?

DJ: It seems to be that it has become a topic that is now avoided because people have concluded that it’s divisive and not that important. But you know we can’t understand our present unless we understand where we’re going in the future and what God is doing. And I would also say not only is it a problem in the churches I think it also starts in our academic institutions, our Bible institutes, Bible colleges, Christian Universities and Seminaries who are not accurately teaching eschatology to the guys they’re training to become pastors. So, I think it’s almost an epidemic problem and I think if they were getting good solid teaching in their churches that they wouldn’t be chasing after anybody who may have the next sensational prospective on future events.

JD: David James comes to this broadcast table with his Bible in hand for the purpose of explaining that headline.

David James Bible in hand with a warning to Christians about some major prophecy conferences being held here in America today.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Since thirty percent of the Bible is prophecy we must study God’s plan for the future. However, we at the same time must remember the words of Jesus, Matthew 7:15 and then again in Matthew 24:11 and beware of false prophets and teachers. Remember God’s word is the absolute. 

October 18, 2018

Is global warming responsible for the recent disastrous hurricanes here in America?

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JD: Everybody is blaming the intensity of these hurricanes on global warming. I want to get to a definition of global warming. Define global warming for us.

DD: Well Jimmy another word would be climate change which is several decade change in the average world temperature. It’s pretty sensitive if global warming is occurring you might expect the average temperature of the ocean and the earth to increase by just one or two or three degrees. That’s enough to tip the scale and change of climate.

JD: These hurricanes and their intensity because as I remember this latest one Michael came across the Gulf there in the warm waters brought about the intensity a category 4 almost a category 5 before it hit the Pan Handle of Florida. So then some type of warming especially of the oceans could cause intensity in the storms you’re saying?

DD: Well it could, now we must be careful. A single hurricane cannot be attributed to climate change. However, if the sea temperatures do increase by a degree or two that’s a lot more energy and hurricanes can make use of this.

JD: Would you consider, you’re a Bible student as well, the world winds and I was reading through the Bible and the usage of that phrase it seems some type of a storm is what is being talked about. God actually is responsible for these is he not?

DD: Well certainly. Now world winds spoken of in scripture and different places maybe more localized like the form of a tornado. But there’s lots of names cyclones, world winds, hurricanes all apart of the worlds weather system.

JD: Do you believe that this global warming what they say the scientist are reporting it is?

DD: Well it does appear that the average worldwide temperature has increased by about one degree in the last one hundred years. And really that’s what amazes me when you think the population of the earth has more than doubled that the temperature has not changed very much at all. I think it shows a strength an integrity to the way God set up the whole system.

JD: Scientist Dr. Don DeYoung with insight into global warming.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dr. Don DeYoung is a scientist but he is also a student of the Bible. He knows God brought seasons of the year and weather into existence right after the flood, Genesis 8:22. Nahum 1:3 says that the Lord has his way in the storm. In the future tribulation period there will be intense ecological judgment. That’s all to come in the future.