April 24, 2017

The elections in the European Union have not only a political significance but a prophetic significance as well

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JD: The elections, the headline as far as our conversation is concerned the first one the snap election that has been called by Theresa May who is the Prime Minister of Great Britain. What about that snap call for an election there in Great Britain?

RC: Well, I think it was probably a very good move by Prime Minister May. If she gets a good majority in this and if she gets that she can really unite the UK in the idea against the EU in the negotiation. She really needs this it would also reassure those in Britain that she will go ahead with the leaving of the EU. Right now the nation is divided and if she gets that majority she’s ready to say see the nation is totally behind me. So she can unite the nation and further more she can prevent her opponents from declaring a need for a second referendum and a rethinking of exit.

JD: And what about the French elections? So many elections you can hardly keep track on them. But this French election is pretty important because they’re a major power as it relates to the European Union, aren’t they?

RC: Yes, in fact, the latest statistics show that France has even pulled ahead of Germany economically in the EU giving France a new status of power in the EU. It’s very important this election it could have some significant ramifications to the EU. Le Pen the candidate is very much a nationalist and not very strong on the EU and certainly opposed to immigration. If she does well in this it sets her up in a better position for the final run off vote. So, the EU is watching it closely. Once again nationalism verses globalism is the issue and certainly some key elections have occurred last year and now this year.  

JD: Dr. Rob Congdon with insight into the elections in the European Union.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

God brought Human Government into place in this world some 4,500 years ago as recorded in Genesis 9: 6. He brought Human Government into place for the purpose of directing human kind in the way he wants them to go. The Lord has used Human Government down through the centuries to reveal his will. Revelation 17:17 says that the Lord will use Human Government in the future what is referred to as the end of times.

In those elections taking place or those that will take place in the European Union will result in bringing about the prophetic governmental group known as the Revived Roman Empire which is foretold in Daniel 7:7 & 8 and explained in Daniel 7:23 & 24. God will indeed use Human Government to accomplish his will.