July 25, 2019

There are reports that Russia is preparing to attack the European Union

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JD: The Pundit linked to NATO are saying that Russia is set for a regional war some time in Europe but do all that facts really back that up John?

JR: You know this kind of reminds me of Cold War propaganda. We thought some of that was gone but it’s still very much alive. They actually give attention to it by denying it. So we have to look more at some of the full proof facts. Russia certainly does have assertive policies. NATO is certainly concerned about it.

Just out a statement from NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg who was the ex Prime Minister of Norway, he just told the BBC that the nuclear missile treaty with Russia, that’s the United States and Russia, is at risk of falling apart. “We have to be prepared for a world with more Russian missiles.” So this is part of the entire spectrum that we see happening. Forces are building and things are becoming more precarious concerning Russia that’s for sure.

Another fact to add Jimmy is Russia also just expressed a desire to join the European Union payment channels to Iran that circumvents the US sanctions; so that’s called instex. So Russia as well seemingly on good terms but of course with its own motive to by pass the US sanctions to get cash to Iran as well.

JD: John Rood with more details about the report that Russia is making ready to attack the European Union.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

John’s report does indeed sound like Cold War propaganda. However these reports are correct Russia is preparing and has already made moves to take control of parts of the Ukraine and all of Crimea. Though officially the Ukraine is not a part of the European Union. This buffer state located between the European Union and Russia is a major focus of the Kremlin and the Russian strategy to take on the European Union for world dominance. 

In the prophetic scenario of the Bible the European Union becomes the Revived Roman Empire and Russia will lead the Islamic world to destroy the Jewish state of Israel. These two major world powers will rule in this world after the Rapture and during the first 6 months of the Tribulation, that’s Ezekiel 38, Daniel 11 and Revelation 6:1-4. These prophecies are at the point of being fulfilled and it could be very soon.