May 21, 2018

Christians had an influence in the move ot the US Embassy to Jerusalem

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JD: Winkie also during the ceremony I noticed the Christian participation, for example a Pastor, Pastor Jeffries from the First Baptist Church in Dallas, with the opening prayer; then John Hagee, Pastor in San Antonio, Texas gave the closing prayer. Was it controversial, and how did these men get that opportunity to be involved in the ceremony?

WM: You are a better witness then I am Jimmy, but Menachim Begin, in 1977 when he became Prime Minister, reached out to what I would call the Evangelical Christian community of Bible believers in the United States and that development has been a long time in coming, I think. As much as Christian Zionism has helped the State of Israel, going all the way back even before Herz. Talking about the restoration, ideology in England, in the Netherlands and other places of Christian Europe there has been this relationship and it has to be nurtured and defined and mutual in the sense of politics and faith. And now we are seeing the fruition, Israel is getting a lot of attention and support from influential circles. Politicians are listening to their voters. And I think that we, in Israel, are giving the Evangelical community in the United States the ability to say our approach to the Bible and to understanding its history, is true and reliable. The interpretation of what the book says, what we believe God is saying to us, I think it is a beautiful relationship and I hope it is maintained and continued in the proper delineation's of how we work together to face communities.

JD: Winkie Medad with that report on the Christian influence on the US Embassy move to Jerusalem. We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem was a campaign promise made by President Trump that he followed through with like other Presidents before him had not done. I believe that President Trump followed through on his promise because of the Christian community in the United States. That said, it was not a political move but a prophetic one, as well.

Jerusalem is the key city of the future according to Bible prophecy. Jerusalem will be the center of controversy until Jesus Christ comes back, Zechariah 12:2; and then Jerusalem will be the center of the universe forever, II Samuel 7:10-17.