February 25, 2021

An American robot rover has landed on the planet Mars

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JD: How special a scientific event is this?

DD: Well yes Jimmy that is some current events in the astronomy world. Perseverance it was successful. The challenge is that Mars is about 11 light minutes away. So you can't control it. It's on its own when it lands but it turned out alright. What's special is that this is the latest technology that craft has over 20 cameras on board and we'll take a good look at this near neighbor of ours the planet Mars.

JD: And because of the sophisticated equipment they have on this rover it's going to mean more than any other rover that has basically landed on Mars before is that right?

DD: Well that's true although keep in mind Jimmy that we've sent dozens of probes to Mars. In fact combining with other countries over 50. We've already taken a good look at Mars and studied it somewhat but this will go further. This Perseverance is able to drill into the curst of Mars and eventually return samples and there's a microphone. There's just some new features we haven't had before so we'll learn more about that corner of God's creation.

JD: Don actually what will the scientist be looking for? I understand they believe they may find evidence of life at some time and they mentioned billion of years ago there on Mars. What's wrong with that statement?

DD: Well that's the assumption that life evolves that life begins spontaneously and if that did happen on the Earth then why doesn't it happen elsewhere. And so this search for this life goes on. As we know after a whole lifetime of this space age we don't have a shred of evidence of life anywhere else besides on Earth. They'll continue to look on Mars above the ground and below the grounds surface. So far we're coming up zero. Now if we do find any kind of microbes on Mars I would say that was God's plan but that is doubtful. It looks more and more like we are unique like life is on this planet Earth from pole to pole everywhere and it's very special in the universe. 

JD: Dr. Don DeYoung an astronomer and scientist explaining the scientific event of an American robot rover landing on Mars and the reason for this visit to the red planet. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Let me remind you of my conversation with Don about which planet was created to be inhabited. Isaiah 45:18 says God formed Earth to be inhabited by man. Psalm 115:16 says that the Heavens belong to God the Earth to man. Both Heaven and Earth display the glory of God, Psalm 19.