May 22, 2017

The 50th Anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem, this city is the capitol of the Jewish state and the largest city in Israel

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JD: Symbolism or not, the new Ambassador from the United States, David Friedman, after he got off the plane at Ben Gurion airport went to go to the Western Wall to pray for wisdom as he now becomes the United States Ambassador to Israel.

DD: You know I moved there in 1980 and I saw many American Ambassadors come and go over the years, some of them obviously more friendly towards Israel, some of them a little bit more neutral, one or two seemingly to lean more toward the Palestinian side of the issues.

This is the first Orthodox, observant  Jew that I remember being appointed as US Ambassador, and being an observant Jew, he wanted to go right there to the Western Wall first thing and implore God's help in this very difficult task, that he is undertaking. He understands the time of regional instability, global insecurity, all these things happening and the situation in Iran. I am glad to see he did that and I think most Israelis even those that aren't very religious themselves are at least glad that they have somebody who knows about the Jewish history and Judaism, since he is a Jew, and that hopefully will help him understand Israel's positions in the coming months and years.

JD: Ezekiel 5:5 says, "Jerusalem, God placed in the center of the earth with all the nations around her; now it looks like Jerusalem is the largest city in Israel, latest reports 883.000 people living in Jerusalem.

DD: Well Jimmy, when you consider that when Israel was reborn in 1948 there was just a few, tens of thousands of Jews living in the city. In '67 there was a couple of hundred thousand, I believe, but nothing more then that. And now to have nearly a million in Israel's capital city, and it is her capitol city whether anybody sees it that way or not, the Bible indicates that God does, they are growing and they are thriving and its wonderful to see that and  I think there will be real celebration this coming week. Although, security will be tight, and there will be attempts of terror, no doubt. We could even have rockets or something from Hamas, who knows,  but there is going to be a time where the Israeli people thank God for their city and for their land, and that it so quickly came back to them in '67 when everything thought, before the war, that the opposite was going to happen. Israel was going to be defeated.

JDJr: David Dolan, on the city of Jerusalem. The eternal, political, capitol of the Jewish people. We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled

If you have a moment, think about this. God placed Jerusalem in the center of the earth, Ezekiel 5:5. Then He chose the Holy city to dwell among His people, the Jewish people, forever, Psalm 132:13-14. God gave King David Jerusalem as the political capitol of the Jews, 2 Samuel 5, when King David brought the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem the city became the spiritual capitol, 2 Samuel 6. And God gave King David the city as the eternal capitol as the Lord gave King David the Davidic Covenant, 2 Samuel 7. According to scripture, Jerusalem is the political, spiritual and eternal capitol of the Jewish people, and that is the end of the discussion. And that is my prophetic prospective on the news today.