December 05, 2018

Iranian leaders say they will kill more Jews in just seconds then were killed in all of World War II

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JD: Mr. Netanyahu had an interesting statement as he addressed the elite troops of the Israeli defense force there in that major military exercise. He said Israel and the Israeli defense force are the best answer to anti-Semitism across the world and of course trying to destroy the Jewish State of Israel the epitome of anti-Semitism.

DD: Well indeed Jimmy and it is. What is the reason that Iran is attacking Israel? What has Israel ever done to Iran? Going back in history there was no conflict between them. It comes from the fundamentalist Islamic beliefs that the Iranian clerical leaders have that there cannot be a Jewish state, Jews cannot rule over Muslims as is stated very clearly in the Quran and yet Israel rules over several million Muslims in its land therefore Israel has to be destroyed. Well this is anti-Semitism at its core.

 It goes back to ancient Persia; wipe all the Jews out it’s not a new thing. Of course repeated during the Holocaust and here again we see Iran saying we’re going to kill. And Ayatollah has stated this directly; we’re going to kill more Jews in just seconds that were killed in all of World War II. Of course they don’t acknowledge the depth of the Holocaust but never the less that’s quite a statement. 

But we don’t know that for sure Jimmy. We don’t know that Pakistan for instance hasn’t given Iran some nuclear weapons. Anything is possible but that’s the ultimate anti-Semitism to wipe the Jews off the face of the earth. But we are united, we have a military and we have an ability to answer anti-Semitism in a very concrete way now in a very ballistic way if you will and that of course is the truth. Israel will not be destroyed but they are facing probably their worst war ever one that will take more civilian casualties then ever. But to strike Israeli cities and towns as the Iranians have clearly stated and as Hezbollah has clearly stated and that’s what Israel is preparing for.  

JD: David Dolan with details about the statement made by the Iranian leaders that Iran will kill more Jews in just a few seconds than were killed in all of World War II.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Iranian threat that Jews must be wiped off the face of the earth has been echoing down the halls of history since the Psalmist wrote that statement almost 3,000 years ago. In Psalm 83:4 King David recorded the thought that the Jews would not be remembered after they had been wiped out and forgotten forever. The ancient Jewish prophet Isaiah contradicted that thought when he wrote in Isaiah 66:22 that the name of the Jewish people will remain before the Lord now into the eternity future and forever.