December 07, 2016

Though one faction of the Palestinian people present themselves as peacemakers, they are actually terrorist who want to destroy the Jewish state of Israel

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JD: First of all there are two factions in the body politic in the Palestinian people in Israel. You have Hamas in the Gaza Strip, you have Fatah which is basically headquartered in Ramallah. Quickly give us a look at Fatah and Hamas. What’s the difference, who are they?

IM: Hamas is an open terror organization. Their charter for the destruction of Israel, their charter says that it’s Allah who determines that Israel has to be destroyed and essentially the Jews have to be exterminated as well. So this is Hamas, they’re an open terror organization. Back in 2005-2006 there was a civil war between the Palestinian Authority between Fatah and Hamas and Hamas pushed out the Fatah rule from Gaza, and now they rule the Gaza strip. In the west bank, Judea and  Samaria, Fatah still rules under the head of Mahmoud Abbas.

However, what we uncover following what they say to their own people in Arabic in the Palestinian media. We see some of those very very same messages coming to the people from Fatah. For example the message that Jews have to be exterminated was just in April of this year on official Palestinian television by a religious leader who spoke on the Friday’s sermon and he said Allah count your enemies one by one kill them to the last one. And then he referred the next sentence to punish the wicked Jews; so that he was talking about extermination of the Jews, so this is Fatah as well. Fatah is seen around the world as the moderate they rule Judea, Samaria, the west bank, they’re excepted in  Washington as a peace partner in their own language to their own people the messages are not very different about Jews and about Israel.

JD:  Itamar Marcus, he is the director of Palestinian media watch reporting on the electronic and the print media of the Palestinian people with this report on Hamas and Fatah.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The Palestinian people will kill the Jews and steal their land.

The ancient prophet Ezekiel pre-wrote history in Ezekiel 35, when he revealed a people, the Palestinian people who in the last days would be in conflict with the Jewish people. In verse 5 it says that these people the Palestinian people will kill the Jews, and then in verses 10-12 it says, then the Palestinians will steal their land.

Today that is the exact scenario that is playing out in Israel. This 4,000-year-old conflict will only be resolved when Jesus Christ comes back, that’s the book of Obadiah verses 16-18. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.