April 27, 2021

Israel is under attack externally from Syria and internally from the Palestinians

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JD: Do you believe that Syria purposely targeted Demona in this attack that happened just the other day?

DD: Well Jimmy I can only quote the experts really because not being on the scene and not being inside the command center etc. it seems growingly likely. US General McKenzie actually said this in the Senate on Thursday in some testimony about another issue that the Syrians accidentally sent a F-5 rocket down into southern Israel. In other words they fired it but it is now believed they were trying to hit some Israeli jets that they believed were coming up to Damascus to strike some Iranian targets and maybe some Syrian targets there and that the rocket overshot and came into Israeli airspace.

JD: David, talk to me about the situation there in the Old City of Jerusalem, extremist Jews and Arabs going after each other. What's the latest on that?

DD: Yeah Jimmy it's been the worst riding in Jerusalem in some time over the past really 10 days but its intensified in recent days. And I might add not just in Jerusalem there were riots over night on Friday in towns around Tel Aviv and Jaffa in particular. So it's spreading to different parts of the country but most intense in Jerusalem. As I said last week it started when the police ordered Muslims not to lounge around in the steps to the Damascus gate area. They were just sitting there and especially with Ramadan some were sitting up all night. They asked them to go home and that started protest. Then right wing Jews as you said young people, young guys in particular came out to enforce that and there's been clashes between the two sides ever since. So a intense situation. 50 people in fact were arrested on Friday alone. But Jimmy the prayers at the Temple Mount the Muslim prayers did go off peacefully. There was a great deal of concern those would be riots as well but that didn't take place. 

JD: David Dolan explaining how Syria and the Palestinians are both attacking the Jewish state. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

David Dolan's report reveals to us the conflict in the Jewish state from Syria externally and from the Palestinians internally. This conflict is a page from the prophetic passages of God's word Daniel 11:40 and Ezekiel 35:5. The scenario unfolding in an effort to try and destroy the Jewish state of Israel will not be successful.