January 07, 2013

Iran says they are ready to go to war with Israel

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Iranian President Ahmadinejad, the Iranian military chief, and even the leadership of the Supreme Council of Iran, the Ayatollahs, the Islamic leaders, say that they are prepared for an attack from Israel, the United States, or any other nation that may decide to move against the Islamic Republic. The Iranian threat to the Middle East, Europe, and even to the United States, is the development of a nuclear weapon of mass destruction in Iran that could be used to destroy the Jewish state as has been called for by the Iranian president. 

Israel recognizes Iran as their number one threat and have put in place a strategic plan to make certain that Iran does not have a nuclear weapon of mass destruction that could be fired on the Jewish state and that plan may well be a preemptive strike against Iran. 

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The saber rattling by Iran against Israel and the fact that there is evidence Israel is preparing for a preemptive strike against Iran is a precursor to the prophetic scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy for the last days. 

There has been much discussion among Israeli officials in recent days that seems to indicate the Israeli government may well be ready to order a preemptive strike against Iran in order to dismantle Iran's development of a nuclear weapon of mass destruction. Iran has responded to these discussions with a declaration of readiness to go to war with Israel. The Israeli government says they will not allow the Iranians to launch a long range missile with a nuclear warhead towards the Jewish state of Israel. Almost every Israeli leader believes that Iran is indeed Israel's number one threat and that they must be dealt with. 

What is so interesting to me as a student of Bible prophecy is that this scenario was foretold 2500 years ago by the ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel. Ezekiel 38:5 mentions the nation Persia as one of the nations that will align themselves against the Jewish state. Until 1936 the nation of Iran was called Persia - today it's Iran. In the Scriptures we find out that the Lord will intercede in the affairs of man and destroy Iran and the other nations aligned against the Jewish state when they make their attack against Israel (Ezekiel 38:18 - 39:6). 

Israel is as expected preparing to take care of their number one threat Iran. However, the Lord will be the one to defend the Jewish state that is according to Bible prophecy - Bible prophecy that will be fulfilled.