December 26, 2016

There are three cities key to the first coming of Jesus Christ, which actually set the stage for his second coming.

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JD: First to Bethlehem, Johnny Shahwan is the pastor there. And it is the birthplace; it’s the location where God allowed His son to come in human flesh. They had to come to the Shepherds’ fields, which would be the location where the lambs would be born and then be taken up to the Temple to be sacrificed. The sacrificial lambs there were housed and located in the Shepherds’ fields.

JS: It’s a very special place for in the eyes of the whole world and we are very thankful for that. That God chose this piece of land, this small city of David in Bethlehem to bring His son to the world as fulfillment of prophecies that God promises since many hundred years before, who became flesh in this special time.

JD: Now we leave Bethlehem we go north about 90 miles, we come to the city of Nazareth. We’re going to talk to a pastor in Nazareth, Nazar Touma. Nazar, this is the hometown, God’s word says for about 28 years Jesus Christ would have as his hometown, Nazareth.

NT: It all actually started here in Nazareth; we all remember the annunciation of Gabriel. It all started here and also the city of Nazareth.

JD: The location geographically for Nazareth is just north of the Jezreel Valley and looks down on the Jezreel Valley. He knew of what was going to happen in the future there in the Jezreel Valley that battle of all battles.

NT: This would be a young man looking at the Jezreel Valley. According to the Bible the final war will take place in the Megiddo Valley which is the Armageddon. I believe that Jesus stood up there on that mountain and in His heart He could sense and feel what’s going to happen in that area in the future.

JD: Right now we bring to these microphones a pastor from the eternal city of Jerusalem in, Meno Kalisher. Jerusalem is going to be the eternal home for the Jewish people and this all because of the Davidic Covenant and it has to be fulfilled.

MK: Absolutely, it a shoot from the Abrahamic Covenant because what God promised to Abraham he said the same things to Isaac and to Jacob and from Jacob, Jacob gave it to Judah from Judah comes David, the beautiful part is that the salvation of Israel and the redemption of the land itself is a package deal. Really if David is King David needs to sit somewhere, it’s in Jerusalem. Beautiful to see that the land and the people is one package deal and God said I will avenge them it will save them, but we’re still waiting for it, but I know it’s going to be true.

JD: Pastors from Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Jerusalem with the details on today’s story.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Merry Christmas to all and remember the first coming of Jesus Christ did set the stage for the Second Coming which will take place in the very near future.