December 05, 2014

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is holding weekly Bible studies

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In his speech at the UN General Assembly, Israeli PM Netanyahu quoted many prophetic passages in his address to the UN delegates. Many media people made comment on the usage of Scripture by a world leader at the UN. Prophecy Today broadcast partner David Dolan also was amazed with the PM's usage of prophetic passages of Scripture.

David Dolan: Well Jimmy first of all I thought how remarkable it is that you can have a world leader, a leader of a country on earth who can quote from ancient prophecies about his specific people group being scattered from the land and then returning to the land from all over the earth as he quoted from the various prophets and as he said as the Scriptures say, never to be uprooted from it again.

He was just accurately quoting the Bible. By the way, every week he has a Bible study with his son and they go through the Scriptures. They study them every Saturday, every Sabbath day. He knows the Bible very, very well. I have heard him quote it before and he knows it accurately. He knows the Scriptures.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

PM Netanyahu's knowledge of the Scriptures gives the Israeli leader an understanding of the end of times scenario that is found in Bible prophecy.

Everybody was amazed by the usage of prophetic passages in the speech at the UN by PM Netanyahu of Israel. PM Netanyahu actually sets a great example for all of us to study Bible prophecy as well. When you begin your study of Bible prophecy, you will see that there are four major trends that can be found in the prophetic passages. Number one, the Jews will return to the land of their forefathers. That has been the case over 150 years.

It also talks about nations which will align themselves against the Jewish state of Israel, and as we look at current events unfolding in the Middle East, we know that is the case also. World leaders will work for peace, a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and in fact peace across the entire Middle East. The last trend is that the Jews will prepare to build a Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

As I have talked about these four major trends, the Jews back in the land, Middle Eastern nations aligning themselves against the Jewish state of Israel, world leaders working to bring about peace in the Middle East, and the Jews preparing to build a Temple on the Temple Mount, we see as we look at current events that the stage is being set for each of these trends to be fulfilled.