June 03, 2021

Solar storms can be dangerous to the Earth; however, God has a way to protect each of us on Earth

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JD: What is a solar storm Don?

DD: Well a solar storm occurs when the sun becomes extra active. We're not sure why but the sun acts up on a 11 year cycle. It'll quiet down and then 11 years later then it sort of increases with sun spots, and solar prominences, and giving off more radiation; more sun spots, more radiation. It's not that its the wind and the kind of storms we have on the Earth really it's invisible radiation that comes our way. It's sometimes called a geo-magnetic storm. When this happens, when the sun becomes active more radiation coming our way it has a number of effects on the Earth. It can get tangled up with our magnetic field and it can make compasses act erratic. It can interfere with the electronics of satellites and GPS. It even causes increase aurora or northern lights. So it definitely does effect planet Earth here since we're kind of on the fringe of that magnificent sun. 

JD: I've also read that it cripples sometimes power girds here on the Earth and radio communications. And it's had some harm to airline crews who maybe inundated with this radiation that you're talking about. Could this be dangerous?

DD: Well certainly that radiation is electrically charged and it can interfere with communications and power grids and can shut things down. That increase radiation high in the atmosphere is not beneficial especially to airline personal that are spending a lot of time five miles high. What's interesting Jimmy is down here on the ground we are protected from this radiation. The Earth is surrounded by this invisible magnetic field and that deflects the radiation and sends it away. Interesting invisible shield that God has put in place for us. So the magnetic field is important to us. So yes as the sun acts up there is more radiation around just showing us a glimpse of how powerful that sun actually is. 

JD: Dr. Don DeYoung explaining the phenomenon of solar storms which are a threat to the Earth, however, God will protect each of us from this danger. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

God's creation of the sun, moon, and stars on the fourth day of creation, Genesis 1:14-19 also included a protective shield for us on the Earth today. This is another example of the glory of God made manifest in the heavens, that's Psalm 19.