January 23, 2018

2018 is the 70th Birthday of the Jewish State of Israel but there maybe trouble ahead for this nation

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JD: David I’ve got to talk to you about this 70th Anniversary of the birth date of the Jewish state of Israel. 2018 will be the celebrated year by the Jewish people it’s going to be a great celebration isn’t it?

DD: And Jimmy that’s actually probably another reason though that the move of the embassy is being delayed because so much is going on this year all sorts of special things. And so probably in that mix they don’t want to throw anything else in there. But tourism too is expected to be at a record high this year to Israel mainly because of the anniversary. A lot of Jews a lot of Christians are coming to celebrate. It’s going to be an interesting year for sure.

This will be a year lets face it with that anniversary that if Iran and some of these other enemies of Israel really want to stir up trouble this might be the year that they really do it. They’re also getting ready for the possibility of very negative reaction from their neighbors as there was in 1948, 1967, 1973, 1982, and 1991 when those scuds were coming down. The two uprisings that have happened there’s been a lot of negative stuff. But Israel is still there and it’s strong, its healthy, it’s growing, it’s economy is fantastic. It’s got the most start ups of any nation per capita on earth. They call it the start up nation as you know. It’s a remarkable place and a real miracle and of course God is behind that and is very much involved with that. The Bible says that God has an opponent Satan the adversary in Hebrews Satan he doesn’t like it so we can expect everything this year basically.

JD: David Dolan looking at the year ahead 2018 as it relates to the Jewish state and their 70th Birthday.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

This report from David Dolan gave us a glimpse into the 70th anniversary year for the Jewish state of Israel. This celebration is tangible evidence that the fulfillment of prophecy is taking place.

The ancient prophet Ezekiel wrote some 2,500 years ago that the Jews would be re-gathered from the four corners of the earth, that’s Ezekiel 37:7. Ezekiel also said that the nation of Israel would be restored as a state among the nations of the world, that’s Ezekiel 37:8.

With the Jewish state celebrating their 70th Birthday we see prophecy in the process of being fulfilled, which gives us the assurance that additional prophecy yet to be fulfilled will be fulfilled also and possibly in the very near future.