July 10, 2020

A presidential appointment of a Supreme Court Justice does not guarantee how he or she will vote on Constitutional matters

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JD: David really don't issues like this mean that it's more than just about the man or women who we may be voting for for President. For example, it's also about his Supreme Court appointees and that will have a lasting impact long after that individual as President has left office.

DJ: Well that's really interesting and it brings up a couple of interesting issues for conservative Bible believers. The first is the matter of originalist Constitutional justice prudence which simply means the Supreme Court Justices who are guided by the philosophy that the Constitution is a fixed historical guide for Legislation and Judicial decisions. And you know that's different then seeing it as a living document who's meaning changes with the times and so must be continually reinterpreted by every generation as a society or culture or ethics and morality morph and change.

We say we don't want legislating from the bench but that can be a two edge sword because we tend to think decisions are faithful to the Constitution when we as Conservatives have agreed but that they are legislating from the bench when we disagree. And also when we talk about Conservative President appointing Federal or Supreme Court Justices to the bench what we are really hoping for is that their thumbs will be on the Conservative side of the scale of justice which really shouldn't be happening. In other words we're hoping for a Conservative Biblical stand point. 

Let's consider this, and this is kind of astounding as we wrap up. In the last 50 years since Richard Nixon in 1968 there have been 6 Republican Presidents serving 28 years and have appointed 15 Supreme Court Justices and nearly 1,400 Federal Judges. The Democrats have had half that many Presidents in 20 years and appointed only 4 judges. And yet Jimmy we are where we are which tells me that the creep of society every level is a way from Biblical principles no matter who we put into office. This isn't going to end and it's not going to be solved by politicians.

JD: David James Bible in hand explaining the headline today.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

David's last statement is key the creep of society is a way from Biblical principles. The politicians in our society today give us proof of that movement away from these Biblical principles on a daily bases. It should be the opposite direction moving towards God's plan for man kind according to Romans 13 and I Timothy 2. Our prayers should be for those in higher authority who should be at the task of fulfilling God's plan for the future.