September 07, 2016

Prime Minister Netanyahu of the State of Israel exhorts the new students, beginning their new school year, to study the Bible

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JD: The start of the school year is happening across the world and in particular in the Jewish State of Israel, where Prime Minister Netanyahu is telling the new students as they begin their new school year to be sure and study the Bible. My broadcast partner, David Dolan, responds to the exhortation by the Prime Minister and also talks about the Prime Ministers own individual Bible study.

DD: The Prime Minister holds a private Bible study every Saturday in his home. I believe he knows God, he trusts God, I don’t know how fully that is or how deeply that is. That is some of the reason some of the Israelis who are pretty secular don’t like him. They don’t like him talking in this way, its too nationalistic and too religious, and its turning off friends around the world.

You and I know Israel wouldn’t be back without God’s help, it wouldn’t stay there without God’s help, and it won't remain without God’s help. But the Bible promises God's help, and we can see so much evidence that that's already been there.

JD: David Dolan my broadcast partner reporting on the Prime Minister of Israel and his interest in Bible study. We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Jews must study Gods Word, the Bible, to understand God's plan for the Jewish people in the future.

The book of Ezekiel, chapter 37, is the prophecy of the Valley of Dry bones where the bones come together, the flesh comes on the bones, and the breath of life is breathed into these flesh covered bones.

Now if you want to understand this apocalyptic phrase, you go to verse 11.  I've gone through verses 7-10, now verse 11 says these bones are the whole house of Israel. When the bones come together, that is the re-gathering of the Jewish people from across the world.  That flesh on the bones would be the restoration of a Jewish state.

We’ve been watching for over 150 years how, out of 108 nations of the world, Jews have been making their way back into the land of their forefathers; and we see, since 1948, there has been a Jewish state among the nations of the world. You also must be reminded of Ezekiel 34 where the Lord says 18 times, "I will". He begins by saying I will find my people where ever they have been scattered, I will bring them into the land of their forefathers and when I bring them into the land I will feed them like a good shepherd feeds his flock.

When the Lord tells me something one time, I believe it, when He says it 18 times, we better be paying attention.  These prophecies will indeed be fulfilled and they are the greatest evidence that we are living in the endtimes because the Jews are now in the land.

And that is my prophetic prospective on the news today.