January 04, 2019

Christians must reflect on issues that they confronted in 2018, and adjust for 2019

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JD: Remind our listeners what eschatology means and some of the issues and trends that we’ve covered here in 2018.

DJ: Eschatology is simply the technical theological term for the study of last things but it also goes broader than that. It’s not just discussing things related to yet unfulfilled prophecies but actually looking at all of prophecy throughout the word of God.

We talked about several things and we’ve been watching several things over this past year. One is the continuing resurgent’s of reform theology which definitely touches on this area of eschatology. Reform theology teaches that there’s only been one people of God since Adam. No distinction between Israel and the church meaning no literal fulfillment of God’s promises to Israel. And for many of them no literal millennial reign of Christ and this is all because of an inconsistent application of the proper method of interpretation. This also has practical implications with many Christians, churches, denominations and schools actually turning their backs on Israel which has an impact even on our international foreign policy.

Then there’s also been a resurgence of sensationalism and prophetic teaching. This really got kicked off back in 2012 at the Harbinger and then a couple of years later with the Blood Moons issue. Another thing that we’ve discussed that I’ve called UFO nephilim eschatology with others saying that angels are once again going to cohabit with women and even the antichrist maybe one of the nephilim that we read about in Genesis 6. Larger prophecy conferences with a mixture of solid Bible teachers sharing stage with sensationalist and in some case false teachers. These are some of the major issues.

JD: David James reflecting on major issues of 2018 and thoughts on how to prepare for 2019.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

You may notice that David and I talked about eschatology that’s the study of the end times. Each of us must study the prophetic passages of God’s word to know God’s plan for the future. We can study with confidence because we have a more sure word of prophecy, that’s II Peter 1:19. That sure word of prophecy helps us to know exactly what will happen in the future which intern helps us to make right decisions for the future to prepare for those times and events and to live in light of God’s plans on a daily bases.