April 21, 2020

The coronavirus crisis may change the Israeli observance of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Memorial Day and Israel's Independence Day

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JD: Holocaust Remembrance Day upcoming this week. They're not going to have the open activities normally they do there at Yad Vashem the Holocaust Memorial location. They've already pre-tapped them. They're going to put them on television. This is a unique way of doing it but they still want to remember Holocaust Remembrance Day.

DD: Well and Jimmy it is an annual event that is mostly televised. There's always a state ceremony and that has various guest and that sort of thing and that's televised every year. So that's how it normally functions. But they're a little more concerned a little further on this month of course we have Independence Day coming right after the Fallen Soldiers Remembrance Day.

Of course Holocaust for the victims of the World War II Nazi Holocaust and then the next week for all of the fallen soldiers, and then immediately followed by Independence Day. Well just as in the States that's normally a day when families go out into the parks. How to change that custom this year is going to be a real challenge. Do they just try to forbid all of these gatherings or is that just too much? They're asking around and checking.

JD: These special holy days, and they're not dictated by the Bible to be observed by the Jewish people. These are special times when the Jews want to remember. And of course Holocaust Remembrance Day they want to remember never again will they allow that to happen. So these are special occasions they're not going to quit thinking about this. They want to keep it that up most in everybody's mind. They don't want it to ever happen again do they?

DD: They don't Jimmy but as you suggest they're not really religious in nature so the synagogues are not normally filled with people. There's not big groups gathering to pray like there is at Passover and the other holy days; so that's good. There's a reason they call it community spread you get a bunch of people together that don't normally hang together and that virus goes real fast or so says the experts.

JD: David Dolan with the details on why Israeli's may observe national holidays different this year however they will not forget them.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Jews in Israel stop to honor certain days annually. They do this because of the significance of these special days in the life of the Jewish state of Israel. They observe Holocaust Remembrance Day to be able to say never again will they allow such a Holocaust to take place. Memorial Day honors all of the fallen soldiers that have died during the wars of the modern day state of Israel. Independence Day this year marks the 72nd birthday of the Jewish state. These dates all mark a fulfillment of Bible prophecy.