April 17, 2018

In light of the US-led attack on Syria's chemical weapons use, Vladimir Putin tells Prime Minister Netanyahu to stay out of Syria

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JD: Talk to me as it relates to Israel, what are their concerns to just to the north of them?

DD: Their main concern Jimmy is that a clash could take place between Israeli forces and Russian forces. There was a telephone call between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin. There was shouting between the two leaders that they were quite angry with each other. And basically Putin laying down his bottom line that Israel needs to stay out of Syria, no Israeli actions will be permitted anymore against the Iranian bases there the growing Hezbollah presents there, the other targets that Israel has been involved with some of them being Syrian government targets because of Syrian military action across the border of the Golan and so this is a very very grave situation.

Putin said we want you out and reportedly we will fire at your jets and missiles if they penetrate any further. And Netanyahu responded, look we didn’t invite the Syrian Civil War and we certainly didn’t invite a country 800 miles to our east, Iran that’s ultimately declaring it wants to destroy us for no reason other than its religious hatred, its etiology from fundamentalist Shia Islam. And yet there they are building military bases just 25 miles from our northern border and some of their forces have been spotted along the Golan border he pointed out reportedly. We can’t tolerate this and we reserve the right to strike at these positions. And Putin said no you don’t and we’ll strike back.

So, it was a real tense standoff between these two leaders amongst the million Russians speaking Israeli’s Putin’s quite popular. They’re kind of proud that he’s brought Russia back under the world stage in such a strong way. But of course they understand as Jews that he could easily go back to the old policies of anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism. We’ve has some strong statements this week from Moscow against Israel Jimmy and it’s looking like that is the way the tide is turning.  

JD: David Dolan with details behind the Putin warning to Israeli’s Prime Minister to stay out of Syria.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Russia is playing a key role in the present day Syrian situation. At the same time Russia is telling Israel to stay out of Syria. Prime Minister Netanyahu pushed back on Vladimir Putin and said that Israel will continue to protect its people.

We do know however what the ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel had to say about this whole issue, Russia and its political leader will lead a coalition of Middle Eastern Islamic nations in an effort to destroy the state of Israel. And in that same passage of scripture God says that he will intervene to protect his people.