March 15, 2018

A space craft probe of Jupiter is revealing amazing information that is evidence of God's plan for the future

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JD: There’s a probe going on right now the Juno mission, actually going to be driven right into the planet itself at the end of its mission; all kinds of new discoveries.

DD: Yes, Jupiter is the largest planet of all and after seven years this Juno probe has reached it. The pictures that they are returning to the earth are amazing showing the whether activity going on on Jupiter. Swirls of gas actually hurricanes the size of our whole country and winds 400 miles per hour greater than anything on earth. And this turning motion of Jupiter’s atmosphere seems to be thousands of miles deep into its structure this dynamic motion going on. In some of these pictures are even showing these swirls just probably due to the physics behind them are gathering into shapes. At one pole there are like six hurricanes in kind of a hexagon at the South Pole it’s a different kind of category of course following the laws that God has established even if we don’t understand them very well.

JD: I knew that Jupiter was the largest planet. I did not realize that it’s about thirteen hundred times larger than earth. In other words you could take earth the planet of earth we live on and put thirteen hundred of them in Jupiter. Where do the planets come from? I know on the fourth day God created the lesser light and the stronger light the sun and the moon. Talk to me about planets and help us to understand when they came into God’s plan of creation.

DD: Well I would suggest Jimmy that all the planets also appeared super naturally on day number four. Genesis 1:16 mentions the sun, moon, and stars. And really the word star a light in the sky so certainly the stars were made. But I would also include there the planet, the comets, the asteroid, all the other physical objects that were put into space. To me day four is when the heavens are filled.

JD: Don DeYoung with a report on the Jupiter probe and when God brought planets into existence in our universe.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dr. Don DeYoung is an astronomer and scientist and also a student of God’s word the Bible. As the Bible tells us Jesus Christ is the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end, that’s Revelation 1:11. This verse actually means that Jesus was the creator also found in Colossians 1:16 and he reveals the end of times as well in Revelation 1:19.

We must take the Bible literally to understand the Lords part in creation and how the end of times will be played out.