November 02, 2018

A so-called sex expert says that biology does not support a literal interpretation of the creation of Adam and Eve as recorded in Genesis 1

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JD: Doesn’t Dr. Stayton actually become very dishonest about both the interpretation of Genesis as well as the issue of a biological intersexuality spectrum?

DJ: Yes, he’s being extremely dishonest with the text itself. For example, it seems that from his statements that he is some how coming from an evolutionary prospective which does not surprise me. But he completely ignores even the flow of the text. And even if you could make the argument and I don’t think that you can, but even if you would except his argument about the natural direction initially after conception the creation of Adam did not involve conception. That was a direct and unique creation of Adam by God out of the dust of the earth.

It was not a biological process it did not result from what would happen after that as humans procreated. So it did not follow the normal biological path. It was unique and something that cannot be reproduced. It was something that happened one time and so I would say he’s being dishonest with the text. He’s also ignoring the fact that God says to let us make man and woman, male and female in our own image so, God very clearly makes Adam and Eve as unique as that first couple. Whatever abnormalities there might be its still a binary structure, there are either males or females and that’s simply the way the science is.

JD: David James with Bible in hand explaining the felicity of the so-called sex expert about the creation of Adam and Eve in Genesis chapter 1.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

God’s word can be taken literally from Genesis 1 all the way through the Bible to Revelation 22:21. II Timothy 3:16 says that all scripture is given by inspiration of God, it is from God, and it is prophet-able for doctrine for example, the doctrine of creation. David James explained why the so-called sex expert is wrong on the literally account of the creation of Adam. Basically we must literally translate the word of God, all of it or none of it. If we can say this is literal or this is not literal then that makes us God. We are not God. We must translate the Bible literally.