August 31, 2018

When you knock down the Biblical barriers of homosexuality, anything goes

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JD: You know although many may try to deny a link between homosexuality and petafelia it’s impossible to deny that there is a high number of homosexuals in the Catholic Priesthood and a very high number of incidents of abuse of children by these Priest.

DJ: I agree and I think it’s very difficult to actually deny the linkage. In my research I went to an article by Slate Magazine which is actually a left leaning in politics and arts magazine but it’s also known for it’s accurate reporting. I found some really disturbing things in this particular article. They say in the last half-century there’s been an increase “gaying” of the priesthood in the West. Throughout the 1970s several hundred men left the priesthood each year many of them for marriage.

So as straight Priest left the church the proportion of Priest who were gay grew. And in fact, the Los Angeles Times found that 28% of Priest from the ages 46-55 reported that they were gay. And in another report this is a broad range but they estimate that as many as 50% of US Priest are gay and this is in start contrast to the only 3.8% of people in the general population who identify as LGBT. So this is significant and I don’t think it’s by accident that we’re seeing all of this take place.  And I would say one reason is that homosexuality is an immoral lifestyle. It’s a worldview and it’s a lifestyle. And so there’s nothing to prevent you if that is your lifestyle and worldview from moving to children as apposed to those who are in your age range when it comes to gratification like this. So once you knock down the Biblical barrier for homosexuality and immoral lifestyle there’s really anything goes and I think that we’re seeing that there really is a connection because of this lack of moral barriers. 

JD: David James, Bible in hand with an explanation of the scandal in the Catholic Church here in America.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

David James gave us a shocking report on the scandal in the Catholic Church with a focus on the large number of homosexuals in the priesthood of this worldwide Catholic Church.

God’s word speaks to the issue of sodomy homosexuality.  The apostle Paul wrote in Romans 1 that the choice is a lifestyle choice and will have the Lord turn his back on those homosexuals referring to them as reprobates. These events and acts of immorality will lead into the false church as reveled in Revelation 17. God’s prophetic word will be fulfilled.  

August 30, 2018

China is on the rise, economically and militarily, and if you add Russia to that mix you have a dangerous world

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JD: We have been carrying on our website in our top 10 news items a number of articles about the rise of China and basically economically and militarily. Is that a pretty good evaluation of how this is coming on?

BM: Oh it is and in fact last week the Pentagon published its annual report on China. They’ve been publishing this report for decades. And of course as you know Jimmy I’ve been writing about China for decades as well. And as a direct result we look at their major investment in high technology hypersonic weapons. They’re going into space in a robust way they’re beginning early stages of an animist class aircraft carrier. That will be the fourth they’ll have in another 5 to 7 years.

Under President Jinping leadership have every intention of being the world leader in artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is going to change our future much like fire changed our ancient forefathers futures. So it’s really phenomenal what’s going on here. I think to a certain degree we’re caught over here in our focus too much on domestic issues and don’t recognize that the world is getting more dangerous everyday.

Now that Vladimir Putin the authoritarian and President Jinping an authoritarian are working together closely. That’s why I call it an alliance of evil because you know we fought the Soviet Union in the Cold War but it was just the Soviet Union. Now you have the robust nature of the Chinese who of course by 2030 or 2035 are going to be the worlds leading economy. And of course the Russians own more than half of the nuclear weapons and their working hand and glove together and they have a large part of real estate of the world already under their control. These are issues of some consequence that I think certainly believers need to take into account. And understand this may in fact be what is going to be played out as you indicated in Revelation and some will argue it’s part of Ezekiel 38-39 as well.

JD: Colonel Bob Maginnis with the details behind a dangerous combination of Russia and China in the last days.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Bob’s report is alarming to say the least. Both of these nations are major players in the end time scenario that is found in Bible prophecy. Russia will be a player at the beginning of the tribulation period, that’s Ezekiel 38:2. China at the end of that 7-year period of judgment as foretold in Revelation 16:12.

This report brings to our attention future events that are now at the point of happening.