December 31, 2013

Dave Dolan our broadcast partner in the Middle East will take a look at 2013 and a preview of 2014

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As promised we are going to go now to the Middle East as we look at a Middle East News Update with David Dolan.

JD: I have heard the leaders of Israel say Iran is their number one threat; as we look into 2014, is that still the case today?
DD: Yes, Iran will continue to be Israel's number one threat, number one enemy for the next year as long as there is any sort of a nuclear program going on and as long as it's leaders continue to talk the way that they still are talking despite this nuclear accord that was signed in late November. The head of the Iranian revolutionary guards basically threatened a coup against the Rouhani government there if it continues negotiations with the United States. The revolutionary guard is  a very hard line Islamic Militia so we could have something like that happen, if that happened, then I predict Israel would take advantage of any internal bust up in Iran to strike at it; that could come Jimmy, at any time in 2014 despite this nuclear accord which Israeli's see is already coming apart.
JD: The Israeli's have threatened to do a preemptive strike on the weapons program, a nuclear weapon of mass destruction there in Iran, do you think that is going to be a go if indeed there is not a reversal by the Iranians?
DD: If the Iranian regime does not agree to destroy the centrifuges, then Israel will do it.
JD: In Syria, they are almost at three years of a civil war, is that a threat to Israel?
DD: Jimmy, this has turned into one of the most brutal wars of the last few decades. This is almost unprecedented for the Middle East, a major war is raging and again it's not only that it's raging right on Israel's northern border, which it is, but it is raging in a country that is still in a state of formal war against Israel.
JD: Let's go to the south and look at Egypt; Moslem brotherhood taken out of the presidency, and then called a terrorist organization. I don't believe the Moslem brotherhood is going to go away. What about Egypt?
DD: No, the Moslem brotherhood won't go away, even when it was banned for many decades, it still was active underground and now it's banned again as you just stated and it, I'm sure, will still be active.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Let me remind you that David Dolan can only forecast what will happen in 2014 based upon his own thoughts, but in addition to that, his research and his own experience that he has had in the area of the Middle East.

However, God's Word is absolute in the area of Bible prophecy. Let me suggest these prophetic passages with a focus on the issues covered in my interview with David Dolan. 

Iran is Israel's number one enemy, to find out about that in Bible prophecy; Ezekiel 38:5 where Persian is Iran today. 

Syria as a threat to Israel is foretold in Daniel 11:40-43; king of the north there would be Syria.

And Egypt, along with the Moslem brotherhood, is talked about in Daniel 11:40 where the king of the south is Egypt today.

The Palestinian threat to the Jewish state is talked about in Malachi 1 and Ezekiel 35; and concluding with their destruction forever in the book of Obadiah.