July 16, 2020

Louis Farrakhan is bringing about the "spirit of antichrist"

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JD: Talk to be about Farrakhan and this July 4th speech and his hatred for the Jewish people.

SH: Well for those who have followed Louis Farrakhan who have of course led the nation of Islam since almost back to 1977. It should be no surprise that he has made these repeated anti Semitic statements regarding Israel the Jewish people. He's praised Adolf Hitler repeatedly and he has called the Jews termites. The way that he has tried to I think justify his statement is by claiming the Jews have corrupted the Torah. This is consistent not only with Farrakhan and the nation of Islam which is an off shoot which is basically a sector or cult within the Islamic faith or the Islamic ideology the political ideology but I think it goes deeper. Because this is really ultimately in my opinion a rise of this antichrist spirit in the last days that one of the hallmarks of that statement is not only does that spirit hate Christ and deny who Jesus Christ is, but it also hates the Jewish people and the outstanding promises that God still has in covenant to the Jewish people that are still yet to be fulfilled until the coming of the Lord, until His return.

Then what's really concerning is that the media they're trying to normalize. We know recently with the likes of Ilhan Omar and Rekieta Talev and those elected to Congress that this is becoming normalized. You know for many years you know Farrakhan would be ostracized because of his very very clear anti Semitic comments. But now they are trying to normalize him and normalize this anti Semitic sentiment. It's absolutely consistent with Islam.

JD: Shahram Hadian with the details on how Louis Farrakhan is bringing about the spirit of antichrist.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Louis Farrakhan the leader of the nation of Islam here in America made a speech last July 4th that called for the Jewish nation of Israel to be totally destroyed. That anti Semitic call is what the apostle John was referring to in I John 2 & 4. Chapter 2 in I John verse 18 and chapter 4 verse 3 in I John mentions antichrist. This satanically energized individual will appear in our world at the beginning of the seven year Tribulation period. That spirit of antichrist is already on the scene today. In fact that July 4th speech by Farrakhan is tangible evidence of this prophetic passage being fulfilled.