January 12, 2017

Dr. Rob Congdon, a Prophecy Scholar, believes that the European Union today is the infrastructure for the Revived Roman Empire as predicted in Bible Prophecy

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JD: Then I saw this editorial that I sent along to you, the European Union legitimacy in questions, give me some thoughts about that.  

RC: Well you know, the European Union, a lot of people are saying it can’t survive, it really isn’t a legitimate empire or union. I think most people are ignoring how complex and how intertwined all the nations and the government in the EU have really become, and it’s not something like a simple divorce as some of them have been describing it. It’s very complex and I think as the details start emerging they’re going to find the EU is in a much stronger position then a lot of people have given credit for and as I’ve said I think it will actually result in a stronger EU, less of an independent series of countries in it. It’s still, I believe, moving toward the very type of global government that we’ve envisioned based on the scriptures.

JD: Yeah, lets talk about the scriptures. We’ve talked about the political as it relates to the European Union, you think it’s going to be stronger and it’ll continue to be the infrastructure for the Revived Roman Empire, is that correct?

RC: That’s correct, I see in it all the roots of the earlier Empires that the book of Daniel has spoken about and coming together, and all merging and following through from what the Roman Empire achieved. Certainly the form of the Roman Empire varied many different shapes and different geographical areas but there was a fundamental solidity within it and I see the same thing in the EU today. And I think that yes, we’re going to have questions, can it survive, what countries will finally stay as is, but bottom line is that fundamental key elements of the EU are the exact same as the Roman Empire.

JD: Bible Prophecy Scholar, Dr. Rob Congdon, with the details behind his belief that the European Union is setting the stage for the Revived Roman Empire.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled.

As a student of Bible Prophecy, I have studied the book of Daniel, Chapter 2, which speaks of the ten toes of Iron and Clay, and Chapter 7 that speaks of ten horns. Daniel 7:7 which is predicting the revival of the old Roman Empire as explained in Daniel 7:23 & 24. A literal interpretation of this passage in the book of Daniel will help you come to an understanding of God’s plan for this very unique region of our world.

Rob and I believe that the present day European Union is indeed the infrastructure for this major player in the end time scenario that is found in Bible Prophecy.