December 28, 2020

Russia has been a major player in the Middle East in 2020

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JD: Well Russia today is and has been in 2020 key to the Middle East and to the activities unfolding there. Talk to us about Russia and as it relates to Syria. Russia is a major player there in the country, nation of Syria.

KT: Well that's right and Russia has solidified its position in Syria. There is a military base and a naval base part two so there are bases there. They are now intrenched just as they were in the last decade and a half if you wish of the Cold War. So Russia has military bases in Syria which five years ago they did not and they have tremendous political clout in Syria and with Iran. Iran of course is engaged all over. 

But let me put a caveat on this, the Russian's are a weakened nation. They do not have the economic clout of China, but they don't have the economic reach of China. They do have extraordinary fiber capabilities and that's really what I'm most worried about when it comes to Russia. I'm worried about their ability to work together with China and Iran as a coalition to take down the United States in all aspects of our power starting with a cyber attack. They just demonstrated these past two weeks when they infiltrated a large portion of our national security apparatus. That's how they would start a cyber attack on the United States it could then expand. I know you've had Peter Pry on this program to explain to you it could expand to take down our national electrical power grid and we would probably never recover from that type of attack.

JD: Ken Timmerman with a report on Russia, a look back in the year 2020. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken's analysis of Russian activity in 2020 is somewhat of a precursor for Russia's future in 2021. With Russia in the Middle East and President Putin of Russia saying that his military is set to stay in Syria. That is becoming a page of the prophetic passages of God's word, that would be Ezekiel 38:2 which foretells of the Russian leadership role in the Gog - Magog war. Magog of course referring to modern day Russia. That Gog - Magog war to take place right after the Rapture of the church in the first half of the Tribulation period, that stage is set for fulfillment.