March 26, 2018

To some, the appointment of John Bolton by President Trump as his National Security Advisor, is an answer to prayer

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JD: What about the fact that the President removed General McMaster replacing him with John Bolton?

KT: Answered prayers, I think that’s the quickest way to put it. John Bolton is somebody who’s vision of the world coincide with the President’s. He is a changed agent. He’s also somebody who believes in putting America first. John is deeply interested in Iran. He understands that the Iranian regime is a strategic threat not just to our ally Israel, not just to our allies in the Arabic world but to us as well.

In the eyes of the Islamist state of Iran leadership we are the great Satan and that is something that John understands very very well. And when I say take the gloves off I don’t mean sending in troops or dropping bombs I mean doing the thing that we actually do best as the United States of America and that is exporting our values helping the people of Iran to achieve freedom from this tyrannical imposed regime.

JD: What about Russia?

KT: I think John is a realist towards Russia. He realizes that Russia does not have to be an enemy in everything. He understands there’s a strategic competition there but we can also cooperate Russia where possible. For example, in fighting ISIS and that’s what President Trump has wanted to do. Let’s be realistic and he will be.

JD: And Russia is and Iran both as you’ve just been talking about these two nations in Syria. So, how will he advise the President on Syria?

KT: I think their goal of the United States is two fold. Number one to defeat the Islamic state. So that’s the first goal. The second goal and its just as important now is to get Iran out of Syria because Iran is now using Syria as a forward base to position itself and its military forces against Israel.

JD: And North Korea we have got to bring them to the table. How’s he going to deal with North Korea?

KT: I can’t imagine him saying anything different to the President than what he said in public and he said if this summit between President Trump and little rocket man does not talk about denuclearization it does not start to focus on denuclearization right away then we all can just go off and see the tourist sites. John understands very well that we’ve wasted decades in pervious administrations both republican and democrat. In talking to the North Koreans we’re going to cut to the chase we’re going to go to the top and see if there’s a deal to be made. He and the President are on the same wave length. They’re going to see if there’s a deal to be made and if there’s not then they’re out of there.

JD: Ken Timmerman on how John Bolton will advise the President as his National Security Advisor.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Revelation 17:17 reveals that the Lord will use political leaders to fulfill the will of God for the end of times. Trumps appointment of John Bolton as his National Security Advisor is evidence of that prophecy being fulfilled.