February 13, 2018

Even though North Korea is at the Olympics it is as dangerous as it has ever been

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JD: With all the focus on the Olympics with a combined teams of North and South Korea for the Olympic team competing there in South Korea is North Korea still as dangerous as they have been in the past?

BM: Oh, probably more so Jimmy. This is a follie for them to by time and try to I suppose coerce or persuade people that really don’t understand there long term ambitions. They still have every intention of becoming a nuclear state that threatens the region and the United States they have every intention of reunification under their own terms. And they’re trying to throw a sop at Beijing and Moscow so that they wont put any more pressure and perhaps will lift some of the sanctions. But don’t be fooled by this this country has not changed it’s strips it’s just as terrible and mean spirited and dangerous as its always been.

JD: Was it another PR ploy that the leader of North Korea sent his sister to the opening of the Olympics as well?

BM: Well she’s one of the few healthy people in North Korea so you know it’s not going to be an embarrassment because they sent a skeletal person down there. You know that’s the reality she is in the upper crust of that society everyone else is starving or fearful of their life. And of course he can trust her to send his message and to present a very different image than most people in the world. And of course the media is going to clime around her and they’re going to begin to second guess the messages that they’ve been hearing from those that have studied North Korea for decades but that’s part and parcel over free press.

JD: Colonel Bob Maginnis with the details of North Korea at the Olympics and the real truth behind this story.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

What many world leaders think is a break through as it relates to the nuclear threat of North Korea is total subterfuge. North Korea at the Olympics in South Korea and together as a joint team is simply a propaganda ploy for the rest of the world. Bob reports that North Korea is as dangerous as it has ever been.

In Bible prophecy North Korea is mentioned in Revelation 16:12 when it refers to the Kings of the East. They appear at the end of the tribulation period with the other nations in the far East. However, as President George W. Bush mentioned North Korea is a key player in the axis of evil North Korea, Iran and Syria.

Today’s partnership with these three nations sees North Korea as a facilitator for the other two nations Middle Eastern Islamic nations as mentioned in Ezekiel 38 and Daniel 11. The stage is set for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.