March 05, 2015

A Washington insider says that an Iran with nuclear capability would transform the power balance in the Middle East and set the region for nuclear war

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Anthony Cortisman, a former director of intelligence assessment for the Secretary of Defense, who is now a top strategic guru at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, says that if Iran achieves it's goal of a nuclear weapon of mass destruction the entire power-balance of the Middle East will be changed and it will set the stage for a nuclear war in the region.

Cortisman says that theoretically it is possible that the Israeli State, economy and organized society would survive such an almost mortal blow; however, Iran would not survive in the normal sense of the term.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News
The possibility of a nuclear war in the Middle East, should Iran acquire a nuclear weapon of mass destruction, is very viable says one strategic planner; however, Bible prophecy has additional information about this possible scenario for the Middle East as well.

Anthony Cortisman the strategic guru in Washington says that a nuclear confrontation between Iran and Israel would kill millions of Iranians and leave Israel crippled, but the Jewish State would survive.

This scenario that at this point in time is possible, if all intelligence from the region is correct, is only in the mind's of the analyst. But from the pages of Bible prophecy this potential war, nuclear or not, will take place according to the ancient Jewish prophets.

Ezekiel mentioned Iran specifically as a nation that will form a coalition with other nations to attack Israel and endeavor to destroy the Jewish State, that's in Ezekiel 38:5 where Iran is referred to as Persia.

Bible prophecy does not mention that nuclear weapons will be used but the prophets do say that the total destruction of the Jewish State is on the agenda of the alignment of nations against Israel in the last days, as found also in the prophetic books of Daniel, Joel and Micah.

The assessment that there could be a nuclear war in the Middle East and soon is close to what Bible prophecy calls for in the last days. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.